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Visibility Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair: Christopher Rotolo

Date: 6/9/09
Committee Membership and Membership Changes:
Continuing Members: Ben Dattner, Anuradha Chawla, Anna Erickson, Lorin Mueller, Uma Iyer, Ken Lahti, Lauren Simon (student member), Emily Solberg, Sylvia Hysong, Eric Gerber
New Members: Lauren Mondo (student member), Oksana Drogan, Jenny Hoobler, Lisa Roberts, Megan Leasher, Catherine Murensky, Tatana Olson, Mark Rose
AO Representation: Clif Boutelle, Dave Nershi, and Stephany Schings from the SIOP office also attend meetings as they can.   
Visibility Committee Mission, Objectives, and Goals (2009-10):
Visibility Mission: To gain visibility with our target audiences through a variety of channels and tactics in order to help I/O Psychologists (and SIOP) be recognized as the premier professionals committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.
1.      Objective: Define SIOP/I-O brand identity
Goal: Conduct a strategic brand analysis – incorporating input from our marketplace (i.e., key audiences) as well as our professional colleagues (HR professionals, other psychologists, etc.)
Goal: Define brand identity of I-O and SIOP, and identify gaps from current brand perceptions to inform our strategic brand management plan
Goal: Continue to ensure marketing and PR efforts are in line with brand intent
2.      Objective: Explore the value/feasibility of broad-appeal SIOP sponsored research
Goal: Determine potential topics, media channel(s), and funding model for broad appeal research (e.g., Psychologically Healthy Workplace)
3.      Objective: Establish a baseline of I-O/SIOP’s current visibility
Goal: Identify/Develop a set of metrics assessing I-O/SIOP’s visibility
Goal: Conduct a ‘marketplace insights’ study to track our brand awareness and visibility
Goal: Establish a process for ongoing, periodic assessment
4.      Objective: Expand and deepen our network with relevant media channels & other relevant audiences
Goal: Identify key players in relevant media channels execute programs to build relationships (e.g., Media luncheon)
Goal: Identify and develop visibility channels in academia & public policy
Goal: Identify and develop visibility channels in HR & business community
5.      Objective: Conduct ongoing visibility efforts (placing a differential focus on psychology at large, human resources professionals and business leaders, public policy makers)
Goal: Work with the AO to generate press releases, web content, etc. to push key messages to target audiences.
Goal: Market the Fall Conference
Goal: Conduct public webinar
6.      Objective: Define tools and processes to institutionalize visibility efforts
Goal: Develop and maintain a repeatable committee process that focuses on target audiences, appropriate media channels, and key messages.
Goal: Work with the AO to develop and institutionalize processes
Goal: Finalize and monitor visibility metrics
Each of these committee goals relates to our overall mission which is to gain visibility with our target audiences through a variety of channels and tactics in order to help SIOP achieve its vision.