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History Goals

Paul Levy, Chair

1. Work with the new Editor of TIP to publish the interview that I conducted with Stan Silverman about the beginning of the conference. Lisa Steelman and I are working on this and it should be out in Lisa’s first or second issue.

2. I’d like to be involved in ensuring that the Historical Template that I created for the 25th Anniversary conference will continue to be completed for each conference into the future. We need to make this part of our organizational memory. My understanding is that the AO will be responsible for making this happen which is terrific, but I will be available to support this idea as well.

3. I will spend the bulk of my efforts this year working with former SIOP Presidents encouraging them to write their autobiography. Kurt Kraiger used an email list that I had created this past year to encourage these former Presidents. I intend to follow up on this as often as is necessary to get them completed.

4. I will write 1-2 TIP articles on Historical issues, but I don’t know the content of these yet. I may spend some time in the Archives of the History of American Psychology to carve out the articles.