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Executive Committee Report: Organizational Frontiers Book Series

Organizational Frontiers Series Committee 2008-13
Submitted by Eduardo Salas, Chair
July 9, 2010

Series Editor
Eduardo Salas (until 5/13)
Department of Psychology
Institute for Simulation & Training
University of Central Florida
3100 Technology Parkway
Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: (407) 882-1325
Fax: (407) 882-1550
Editorial Board
Neal M. Ashkanasy (until 5/13)
UQ Business School
University of Queensland
Brisban, Old 4072
Phone No: +6173346-8006
Fax No: +6173346-8188
Adrienne Colella (until 5/11)
A.B. Freeman School of Business
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone No: 504 865 5308
Fax No: 504 865 6751
Jose Cortina (until 5/13)
Dept of Psychology
George Mason University
4400 University Dr
Fairfax, VA 22030-1182
Office Phone:  (703) 993-1347
Fax:  (703) 993-1386
Joan R. Rentsch (until 5/13)
I/O Psych Program,
Dept of Management
408 SMC
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-0545
Office Phone:  (865) 974-1671
Fax:  (865) 974-3163
Tammy Allen(until 5/13)
University of South Florida
4202 E Fowler Ave
PCD 4118G
Tampa, FL 33620-7200
Office Phone:  (813) 974-0484
Fax:  (813) 974-4617
Gary Johns (until 5/13)
John Molson School of Business
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1M8
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext 2914
Fax: (514) 848-4292

1. Recently Published:
Learning, Training, and Development in Organizations, edited by Steve W. J. Kozlowski and Eduardo Salas, 2010
Adverse Impact, James L. Outtz, Editor, 2010
Commitment in Organizations: Accumulated Wisdom and New Directions
Howard J. Klein, Thomas E. Becker, and John P. Meyer, Editors 2010
2. In Press at Taylor & Francis:
3. Volumes Under Contract/Preparation:
Errors in Organizations, David Hofmann and Michael Frese, Editors
Managerial Behavior and Employee Health: Sickness and Wellness, Jerald Greenberg and Aino Salimäki, Editors
Negotiating in Human Resources for the 21st Century. Barry Goldman and Debra  Shapiro
Personal Relations: The effect of supervisory, co-worker, team, customers and           nonwork exchange on employee attitude, behavior and well-being. Edited by Lilian    T. Eby and Tammy D. Allen.
      Understanding and Adapting to Organizational Nepotism. Edited by Robert G. Jones
4. Proposed Volumes Under Review by Board and/or Approved (no contract yet):
Methodology in Organizational Research. Edited by Jose M. Cortina and Ronald S. Lardis.
5. Activities:
After EB meeting in Orlando, we have been securing volumes from the list generated. As of todayadditional volumes will include: (1) Judgment & DM (2) Digital workplace (3) Cross Cultural.