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Professional Practice Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Rich Cober
Date: May 31, 2010

Goals Report

Committee Members: 

Rich Cober, Marriott International (Chair),
Michael Trusty, Rolls Royce
John Weiner, PSI
Dennis Doverspike, Univeristy of Akron
Amy DuVernet, NC State
Anu Ramesh, PDI Ninth House
Tracy Kantrowitz, Previsor
David B. Peterson, Ph.D., Personnel Decisions Intl.
Heather Prather, Office of Personnel Management
Alexander Alonso, Ph.D., American Institutes for Research
Jodi Simco, HayGroup
Nancy Tippins, Valtera Corporation
Deborah L. Gebhardt, Ph.D., Human Resource Systems, Inc.
Carl R. Persing, Ph.D., Marywood University
Samantha Ritchie, Novo Novartis
Mark Poteet, Organizational Research & Solutions, Inc.

SIOP Vision: To be recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.
SIOP Goals: SIOP will become the…
1. Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology. This includes:
·          Heightened awareness within lay, business, scientific, and government communities of the role and value of I-O psychology in improving productivity and well-being in the workplace.
·          Greater outreach to the broader field of psychology and related disciplines and organizations (including organizations outside the United States), policy makers, the public, and the media.
2. Advocate and champion of I-O psychology to policy makers. This includes:

·          Increased efforts to obtain federal funding for I-O research.
·          Increased efforts to monitor and influence policy and legislation affecting human behavior at work.
·          Heightened awareness among top managers in business about the value of I-O psychology and I-O professionals.
3. Organization of choice of I-O professionals. This includes:
·          Increased enjoyment and satisfaction of members.
·          More members in all categories, including regular, Student, International, Affiliate, and Associate Members.
·          Higher annual retention rate.
·          Increased support for SIOP members in their efforts to study, apply, and teach the principles, findings, and methods of I-O psychology.
4. Model of integrated scientist–practitioner effectiveness that values research, practice, and education equally and seeks higher standards in all three areas. 
·          Increased collaboration and dialogue between academics and practitioners where science informs practice and practice informs science.
·          Increased collaboration and exchange of ideas with non-North American I-O professionals.
·          Decreased perception of fissure between academics and practitioners.
·          Clear and rigorous means of evaluating the quality of graduate training programs.
·          Clear and rigorous standards for practice.
Strategic Planning Goals: (Please highlight committee goals related to the advancement of SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals)
The Professional Practice Committee will continue momentum that has been established by my predecessors. The goals for 2010 include (not in order of importance):
Goal 1 - Supporting the thinking behind and rollout of the Healthy Workplaces initiative headed by Cris Banks and supported by the Executive Committee
Action: The Committee is ready to provide support as this initiative gets up and running. We are not completely sure what that will look like – but have been in conversation with Cris Banks about possibilities and do expect that involvement may revolve around working on relationships with APA personnel, helping define criteria for award, potentially providing support for reviews of the award, and anything else that may come up with regard to this exciting initiative.
Goal 2 - Continued support of the work of our International Committee to bring our global network into closer contact
Action: The International Committee is now its own Committee in the SIOP organization. We do maintain a collaborative relationship to ensure that there is adequate support for activities that occur at the SIOP conference and that any practice related issues that require international attention are coordinated through this committee.
Goal 3 – Lead SIOP Review of the new ISO Standards.
Action: We currently have 22 volunteers involved in a review using our new SIOP Wiki technology. The Committee is responsible for synthesizing the comments that are generated and providing to Nancy Tippins for submission to the ISO drafting body by late summer.
Goal 4 - Work related to our Visibility Committee thoughts no where we might go as a practice committee include:
-          Develop a “Clean Jobs” Campaign where SIOP provides some guidance on how organizations can build Environmentally sustainable business through job design. 
-          Working on Professional Presentations that can be given at business conferences and in forums where I/O’s traditionally have not been heard. Focus of these presentations would be on explaining Industrial/Organizational Psychology and its value add to business (and society)
Action: The committee is going to discuss both of these initiatives during our next conference call in June. Both of these initiatives relate to potential visibility efforts for SIOP. Notably, the Clean Jobs concept is an idea, to be better defined, to provide a guidance or taxonomy for creating clean jobs in organizations. The committee would like to foster collaboration between practitioners and key researchers such as those at The University of Minnesota to leverage the latest in research findings on organizational “green efforts” and package the findings into something that SIOP can use to create visibility for the organization and the work of Industrial-Organizational Psychology in helping to define a path toward sustainable business. The second component of this simply involves reviewing presentations that have been in development for the past several months and determining next steps for trying to galvanize efforts to have SIOP speakers participate in business community forums in ways that promote the practice of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.
Goal 5 - Extending our Mentoring program, building off of the successful SIOP Speed Networking session and directly fulfilling some areas of recommendation from our Practice Study
Action: Currently working on plans for the Leading Edge consortium as well as for the sustainability options for this program. Mark Poteet who has been the lead of this task area to date will continue in this capacity.
Goal 6 - Practitioner Involvement in Science
-          Practitioner Journal Reviews – Exploring and working on the way to frame Practitioner Reviewers for I/O Journals – defining a set of criteria that may be used to guide such reviews and keep practitioners more engage in our science
-          Science of HR – working with our Committee members who are trying to bring a publishable series to life in cooperation with SHRM
Action: The committee will be getting an update on the Science of HR during its next conference call. The committee will plans to put together a proposal that provides details related to the Practitioner Review component of this goal.
Goal 7 - Certification – there is considerable interest in exploring an I/O Certification and a committee is underway to explore. I anticipate involvement in this work over the next two years. 
Action: There is a sub-committee working on evaluating the need for certification. We have added one academic, Dennis Doverspike, to our committee because of his experience as a practitioner, in training practitioners, and his in-depth experience with the ABPP certification requirements. The committee is ready to support whatever next steps or research needs to be conducted by the group exploring certification requirements and do plan on leveraging the experience of Dennis, as well as several others who have expressed an interest in this area.
Goal 8 - Supporting new research distribution outlets including the SIOP Practice Wiki and the IO At Work website. These channels have recently come on the seen. The Practice Wiki will requires some formal involvement from our committee, the IO At Work site is one where I would like to see more of a formal partnership/endorsement created between the site and SIOP.
            Action: We are using the Practice Wiki to facilitate review of the ISO Standards. We will brainstorm ways of galvanizing practice support of the Wiki during our next Committee meeting.   
Updates or Comments From Chair:
2010-2011 Committee Members
Alex Alonso, Debbie Gebhardt, Carl Pershing, David Peterson, Mark Poteet, Heather Prather, Jodi Simco, Nancy Tippins, Dennis Doverspike, Michael Trusty, Samantha Ritchie, Amy DuVernet, Anu Ramesh, Tracy Kantrowitz, John Weiner
EB Action Item
No action items at this time
Professional Practice Committee Update (March-June 2010)
See below the list of things that this committee has accomplished since the last Professional Practice update in March:
1.    ISO Standards Review
Rich Cober has worked with Nancy Tippins, Joan Brannick, and the SIOP executive office to facilitate a “SIOP” review of the draft ISO Standards for international employment testing. To this end, the committee has:
a.     Identified twenty one “volunteer” members of SIOP to review the draft standards using the SIOP practice wiki technology. The SIOP review team includes: Kimberly Brinkmeyer, Alan Mead, Heather Rooney, Ann Marie Ryan, Shreya Sarkar-Barney, Matthew Such, John   Weiner, Joel Wiesen, Fred Oswald, Kevin Meyer, Doug Reynolds, Dick Jeannerett, Leatta Hough, Kathleen Tuzinski, Rob Silzer, Elaine Pulakos, David Peterson, Jolene Skinner, Kevin Nilan, Lise Saari, Kathleen Lundquist.
b.     We expect reviews to be complete June 7th. The Practice Committee will review and consolidate reviews for submission to the ISO body. Targeting completion and consolidation for the end of July. Committee members to be involved in the review and consolidation are TBD.
2.    SIOP “Top 50 Healthiest Workplaces” Proposal
Rich has been corresponding with Cris Banks to provide some counsel and support. As the Executive Board works with her to determine next steps, the Practice Committee will be prepared to provide support.
3.    Professional Practice Subcommittee Progress
The following section of this report contains information about the status of various Professional Practice Committee subcommittees’ work.   
a.     Practitioner Mentoring Program: Mark Poteet and his subcommittee (Van Latham and Heather Prather) facilitated a very successful mentoring event at this year’s SIOP conference. The following reflect next steps that are taking place to support expansion of the mentoring program:
                                  i.    Detailing needs for the upcoming Leadership Consortium where a second mentoring event will take place.
                                 ii.    Determining next steps for institutionalizing the mentoring program. Rich Cober to meet with Mark Poteet to specifically outline next steps in the coming weeks. 
b.     Science for HR: Nancy Tippins provided an update on progress of the series at the SIOP conference. There is a need for further support of this effort through identification of authors and clarification of the standards for publication. Nancy is working closely with Deb Cohen on this front. This effort may be further aided by the recent hiring of Mark Schmidt (formerly APT) to SHRM’s Research team. 
c.     Professional Practice Committee Transition: We have worked to identify both the strategic objectives for the Professional Practice Committee for the coming years as well as identify/confirm membership for the Professional Practice Committee. As of June 1, the committee will have 14 members. Please see the Executive Committee submission on strategic objectives for a full list of members as well as the list of goals and current actions against those goals.
Professional Practice Committee Next Steps (June-September 2010)
The Professional Practice Committee anticipates the following work to be completed between now and the SIOP EB meeting in Fall 2010:
1.     Evaluate success and effectiveness of Practitioner Speed Mentoring event at the 2010 SIOP conference. Prepare document that summarizes what worked well, what could be improved, and proposed changes moving forward.
2.     Continue to develop and roll out more of the Practitioner Mentoring Program (e.g., group mentoring, virtual mentoring, etc.).   The Practitioner Mentoring Program subcommittee will move forward on those initiatives.
3.     The remaining subcommittees (Science for HR, etc.) will continue moving forward on these initiatives.
4.     The Professional Practice Committee will continue to provide feedback and other work, on an as requested basis, on such initiatives as the SIOP Salary Survey, the ISO Standards for Testing in the Workplace, and the “Top 50 Healthiest Workplaces.”
5.     Organize effort behind Professional Practice Committee goals for 2010-2011.
If you have any questions or if you need more information about any of the information contained in this committee report, contact Rich Cober via email at rich.cober@marriott.com or by phone at (301) 380-4811.