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Program Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Mariangela Battista
Date: June 1, 2010

Goals Report
Committee Members:

Mariangela Battista, Chair
Sara P. Weiner, Past Chair
Deborah Rupp, Chair-in-training
Jaclyn Jensen, Call/Flanagan Committee Chair
Brad Chambers
Alyssa Westring
Ronald Bledow
Dana Glenn-Dunleavy
Laurel McNall, COI/IP Committee Chair
Matisha Montgomery
Magda du Preez
John Donovan
Marina Fields
S. Bartholomew Craig, Master Collaboration Chair
Ruchi Patel
K. Adam Ortiz
Liu-Qin Yang, Friday Seminar Chair
Daisy Chang
Michael Ford
Burcu Rodopman
Ashley Walvoord
Stephan Dilchert and Deniz Ones, Thursday Theme Track Chairs
Susan Jackson
Leaetta Hough
Juergen Deller
Andrew Biga
Katherine Holt
Cathy DuBois
Deborah Rupp, Saturday Theme Track Chair
Anne Herman
Autumn Krauss
Evan Sinar
David Woehr
Jeff Kudisch
Michelle Donovan
Scott Brooks

Strategic Goals and Progress:
The goals below are aligned with SIOP’s Vision and SIOP’s Goals:
            Vision: “To be recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.”
            Goals: “1. Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology.; 2. Advocate and champion of I-O psychology to policy makers.; 3. Organization of choice of I-O professionals.; and 4. Model of integrated scientist–practitioner effectiveness that values research, practice, and education equally and seeks higher standards in all three areas.” 
SIOP Program - Strategic Planning Goals:
1.     Create a program that showcases SIOP as the premier association in which to find the most credible and practical information regarding work psychology and business performance.
2.     Ensure the program contains exciting speakers and sessions that will energize the attendees and promote I/O to senior leaders and managers in organizations and government entities worldwide.
3.     Create a program that assures SIOP’s place as the premier association for I/O and related psychology and business professionals.
4.     Create a program appealing to both academicians and practitioners to ensure collaboration, integration, healthy debate, and innovation within the scientist-practitioner model.
Progress Updates from Chair:
·          Committee chairs in place
·          All subcommittee members identified
·          Training in progress for program-chair-in-training. Continuing to update program chair “bible” (timeline and all steps) building on the detailed documentation from 5 previous program chairs (Sara Weiner, John Scott, Steven Rogelberg, Tammy Allen, Julie Olson-Buchanan)
·          Programming for Friday Seminars, Master Collaboration, and COIs/IPs being defined
·          Topics identified for Thursday and Saturday Theme Tracks
·          First TIP article submitted
·          Strategic goals defined
·          Call for proposals on target for delivery by deadline of June 18 with added language regarding presenters paying own travel expenses and conference registration fees
Program Progress by Subcommittees to Date:

Call being reviewed and initial comments due week of June 14th. Committee will look at final recommendations. Final will be ready by July 1 deadline.
·          We will have two presentations, each highlighting a collaboration between an academic and a practitioner.
·          We have identified presenters for one of the presentations, which is currently expected to describe the development of a talent management system in a for-profit organization.
·          We have identified one possible presenter for the practitioner side of the other presentation. That topic is still under consideration, but will likely be related to a leadership ethics intervention.
The COI Committee has generated over 30 topic ideas.  About 12 will be chosen, with about 3 as backup in case there is trouble finding facilitators. Once the list of topics is set, potential facilitators will be contacted (toward the end of June).
IPs will be identified after poster proposals are accepted.
Topics include:
  • Experience sampling: Applications and new directions
  • Grant writing
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • The role of I/O psychology during economic recession
THURSDAY THEME TRACK – Managing HR for Sustainability:
·          The committee met at SIOP in Atlanta. Initial discussions focused mainly on desirable session formats – what worked and did not work in previous years.
·          Would like to start the day with an invited keynote speaker – if possible, someone who can provide a somewhat interdisciplinary perspective, and put green I/O efforts into the broader context as well.
o    Most likely, additional sessions will be two symposia (one with a practice, one with an academic focus), a poster session over lunch or coffee break. For an interactive format, we are still debating whether we should add a community of interest as well.
o    We are also envisioning the highest ranked competitively reviewed session to be part of the day (see bullet point below)
o    Additional input on session formats are being solicited from a list of interested individuals soon (see below re: survey)
·          Would like to coordinate the submission process. Our idea was to include a field where submitters can indicate whether their submission is relevant to the theme track. Our goal is to be able to include the best of the peer-reviewed sessions in the Theme Track program (definitely for posters, possibly also for one of the symposium slots).
o    Dave Nershi indicated he would look into what this entails from a programming perspective
o    Theme Track committee members offered their expertise in the area by reviewing all green-related submissions (at least one of the assigned reviewers could be from the committee). We are ensuring that all of our committee members sign up as reviewers for the conference.
·          To enhance the visibility of the theme track, we are evaluating the feasibility of three collateral activities:
o    If SIOP is again coordinating a volunteer effort, we would like to assist by identifying local efforts related to environmental protection.  After receiving Lisa and Dave’s comments, given the low participation rate last year, we decided to hold off on this effort until a decision has been reached whether such volunteer efforts will still be part of the annual conference.
o    Two of our committee members are compiling a list of ideas (and soliciting input from others) on how to “green” the conference even further. There were some noteworthy improvements this year (that were nicely highlighted in a newsletter in March), and we want to build on this by making even more conscious choices in organizing the conference. We aim to provide this input to Dave and others in a timely manner, and will liaise with him at the end of June.
o    We also briefly discussed a potential “auction” under a “reuse – repurpose” theme, to possibly benefit the SIOP foundation.
·          A logo for the theme track has been identified to highlight the sessions in the conference program. Stephan sent the logo to Jenny Baker last week.
·          The committee has generated a list of 1000+ scholars and practitioners who have either published or presented papers on environmental issues at work at one of several relevant conferences around the world or have published IO related research in environmental journals. The list is currently being scrutinized to identify potential speakers for the symposia and keynote address.
·          Designing a survey to circulate to interested individuals who we identified based on their activities at the SIOP 2010 conference. We will use this to gather additional input regarding potential speakers, desirable formats, and “greening” the conference. We hope to circulate this survey at the end of the week.
·          As a committee, we will convene again during the last week of June/first week of July, to finalize the list of individuals who should be invited to contribute to the Theme Track program. Potential speakers will be invited in July, which means that we will be on track to meet all relevant deadlines.
SATURDAY THEME TRACK - Leveraging Data to Drive Organizational Decisions

I. Goals for the Track
o    balance of science and practice
o    appeal to a broad audience
o    make connections
o    some kind of workshop format—bring in your problems
o    two sides of HR—I—O technical –strategic---push ourselves more on strategy
o    identify gaps—areas ORM, JDM researchers might be able to study
o    bringing science, data, strategy, and decision making together

II. Session Ideas
-          Boudreau (Deb)
-          Things I didn’t learn in grad school (Jeff?)
-          Avoiding Analysis Paralysis (who?)
-          People Analytics Part II (Ann?) (Steve Hunt, Success Factors potential speaker)
-          Feedback from other areas: Edwards (org research methods), Highhouse (judgment and decision making), someone representing high-level strategy, org change, etc.—maybe as commentators—maybe comments throughout the day—transitions between sessions
-          Workshop, learning opportunity, fundamentals (for beginning of day—day becomes more advanced across sessions)
-          Creating change; organizational ambidexterity
-          Something Zen awareness
-          Lightening round (one idea presented—discussion)
-          Fundamentals workshop
-          Using science to influence decisions, executive decisions,
-          Executive panel: Hearing it from the horses mouth (Jeff?) (Allan Church--Pepsi)
-          Something researchy (Evan) Scott Highhouse (maybe Jeff Ewards?)
-          Behavioral Economics (Dan Arieli) (Scott)
III. Other (Deb will follow up with administration)
- round tables set up for more interactive sessions (rather than rows of chairs)
- posters strategically set up
- can we have check box on poster submission page for theme relevance
- can vendor set up lunch for sale in room rather than outside?