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 Science You Can Use Committee Goals – June 2010

Co-Editors, Lise Saari and Ed Locke 

Science You Can Use (SYCU) has three major goals:
  • The first goal is to provide relevant I-O psychology science to people working in or for organizations.
  • The second goal is to have the chapters written in a straightforward, understandable style for practitioners.
  • The third goal is to help close the gap between I-O psychology academicians and practitioners by bringing them together to collaborate on the chapters. 
The target audience for SYCU includes:
  • I-O psychology professionals working in or for organizations
  • HR professionals
  • Consultants to organizations
  • Others who seek to have relevant, science-based information on people issues within organizations 
Each annual volume will have 10-15 chapters, with each chapter covering a different, relevant topic. The first volume will be published in 2012.
Science You Can Use was initiated by Denise Rousseau and is currently transitioning to Ed Locke and Lise Saari. Denise will continue on as a member of the committee. Five  chapters are well underway; these authors will continue and be part of the first volume. Future chapters will, whenever possible, be written by both academicians and practitioners. 
In order to ensure that the topics in the volumes are relevant to practice, a group of 10-15 people working in or for organizations will help define the topics. This “organization topics advisory group” will be made up of I-O and HR professionals who represent a variety of organizations, roles, and geographies. They will provide their input virtually. In addition to defining chapter topics, they may also assist with reviewing chapters.
To help ensure the writing style is straightforward and understandable, we are investigating possible options (e.g., via SHRM) to engage a professional writer to assist.
Committee (Editorial Board) Members
John Boudreau, USC
Rob Briner, Birkbeck College
Wayne Cascio, U Denver
Debra Cohen, SHRM
David Denyer, Cranfield
Don Ferrin, Singapore Management U
Mark Fichman, Carnegie Mellon U
Michael Frese, U Giessen, NUS
Andy Garman, Rush Presbyterian Medical Center
Jody Goodman, U Connecticut
Jerald Greenberg, U Texas-Arlington
Robert Greene, RewardSystems Inc.
Leaetta Hough, Dunnette Group
Timothy Judge, U Florida
Steve Kerr, Goldman Sachs
Anthony Kovner, New York U
Carrie Leana, U Pittsburgh
Anne O’Leary-Kelly, U Arkansas
Jone L. Pearce, UC Irvine
Denise M. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon U
Craig J. Russell,  U Oklahoma
Sara Rynes, U Iowa
Ben Schneider, Valtera
Sim Sitkin, Duke U
Jayne Speicher, Pradco Inc.
Vicki Vandaveer, Vandaveer Associates
Rolf van Dick, University of Frankfurt
John Zanardelli, Asbury Heights