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Workshop Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Robin Cohen
Date: 05/28/10

Goals Report
Committee Members:
Leanne Bennett
Mindy Bergman
Michel Buffet
Wanda Campbell
Erica Desrosiers
Robert Gibby
Amy Grubb
Laura Heaton
Chris Lovato
Tim McGonigle
Liberty Munson (Chair-in-Training)
Dwayne Norris
Christina Norris-Watts
Mat Osicki
Cheryl Paullin
Brigitte Steinheider

SIOP Vision: To be recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.

SIOP Goals: SIOP will become the…

1. Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology. This includes:

  • Heightened awareness within lay, business, scientific, and government communities of the role and value of I-O psychology in improving productivity and well-being in the workplace.
  • Greater outreach to the broader field of psychology and related disciplines and organizations (including organizations outside the United States), policy makers, the public, and the media.

2. Advocate and champion of I-O psychology to policy makers. This includes:

  • Increased efforts to obtain federal funding for I-O research.
  • Increased efforts to monitor and influence policy and legislation affecting human behavior at work.
  • Heightened awareness among top managers in business about the value of I-O psychology and I-O professionals. 

3. Organization of choice of I-O professionals. This includes:

  • Increased enjoyment and satisfaction of members.
  • More members in all categories, including regular, Student, International, Affiliate, and Associate Members.
  • Higher annual retention rate.
  • Increased support for SIOP members in their efforts to study, apply, and teach the principles, findings, and methods of I-O psychology.

4. Model of integrated scientist–practitioner effectiveness that values research, practice, and education equally and seeks higher standards in all three areas. 

  • Increased collaboration and dialogue between academics and practitioners where science informs practice and practice informs science.
  • Increased collaboration and exchange of ideas with non-North American I-O professionals.
  • Decreased perception of fissure between academics and practitioners.
  • lear and rigorous means of evaluating the quality of graduate training programs.
  • Clear and rigorous standards for practice.

Strategic Planning Goals: (Please highlight committee goals related to the advocacy of SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals) 

1.  Determine the appropriate number of pre-conference workshops (ideally no more than 12) that will attract full participation in 2011 (linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Visibility and Organization of Choice).

Action: We have identified 12 workshops and presenters will be secured by June 4.

2.  Develop workshops tapping a range of cutting edge, relevant, and interesting I/O topics with participation from seasoned, high quality presenters in different types of organizations (e.g., academic, private industry, consulting) (linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Organization of Choice and Model of integrated scientist).

Action: The workshop committee identified a variety of topics in the following areas: organizational, assessment, methodology, legal, and HR management. In addition, the presenters represent a diverse group of organizations, and where feasible we teamed an academician with a practitioner. Also, there are several workshops being developed that have more of an academic-practitioner blend.

3.  Increase the visibility of the workshops in both the I/O and business communities (linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Visibility). 
Action:  We have assigned two committee members to solely focus on marketing the workshops. They have put together a high level marketing plan and will continue to refine it over the course of the year.

Workshop Marketing PowerPoint
4.  Improve the quality of the workshops. Clearly define workshops goals and benefits, takeaways, target audience to ensure attendees get what they signed up for. Create a consistent format for workshops including a common template for presentations that will hopefully make the workshops more engaging. Also, create clear guidelines for presenters to use in preparing workshop handout materials (linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Visibility).

Action:  We have a draft template to present at the June Conference Planning Meeting. We also have a proposal for certain topics that each presenters must cover to help create more consistency in workshops. This will also be reviewed at the June meeting.

Updates or Comments From Chair:
We have 15 workshop committee members. Due to the fact that we reduced the number of workshops, we created three new roles on the committee. There are two people who are responsible for marketing and one person who is responsible for data analysis. The person responsible for data analysis is going to help us understand workshop attendance, identify the better presenters, etc.