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Education and Training Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Education and Training Committee
Brief Report on Progress

Committee Chair Name: Mikki Hebl

Committee Chair In Training: Scott Tonidandel, Davidson College

: SUMMER 2011

E&T has made progress on most of the goals that we specified. Notably, we have:
• Collect names for the Teachers’ Bureau (see below for more information) and are ready for their placement on the SIOP webpage
• A draft of a normative study survey (identified as a need at the Program Chair meeting at SIOP) that is ready for data collection
• Compiled graduate resource pages for and delivered SIOP presentations concerning grant funding opportunities as well as study abroad opportunities.
• Continued progress on updating the E&T portion of the SIOP webpage.
• Initiated (with Kizzy Parks, CEMA Chair) an inaugural THEO (THe Educational Outreach) Program, which is an inaugural 4-Hour Preconference (free of charge for high school teachers and college professors who do not currently have I/O psychology classes) to teach them about I/O psychology.
For more details on any of the goals, see attached.

Committee Members:
Robert Brill, Moravian College - brillr@moravian.edu
Bradley Brummel, University of Tulsa - bradley-brummel@utulsa.edu
Beverly Burke, Middle Tennessee State University - bburke@mtsu.edu
David Costanza, George Washington - dcostanz@gwu.edu
Marcus Dickson, Wayne State University - marcus.dickson@wayne.edu
Scott Eggebeen, NYU - se17@nyu.edu
Pamela Foster, Kansas State University, pwilkie@ksu.edu
Mike Ford, SUNY Albany – mford@albany.edu
Mikki Hebl, Rice University (E&T Chair)
Tim Huelsman, Appalachian State University - huelsmantj@appstate.edu
Uma Iyer, Austin Peay State University - iyeru@apsu.edu
Stefanie Johnson, University of Denver - stefanie.johnson@ucdenver.edu
Eden King, George Mason University – eking6@gmu.edu
Julie Lyon, Roanoke College - lyon@roanoke.edu
Juan Madera, University of Houston - jmmadera@uh.edu
Tammalette Mattison, Career Advisor for Baker College, tmatti01@baker.edu
Mark Nagy, Xavier - nagyms@xu.edu
Kimberly O’Brien, Wayne State University - keobrien@wayne.edu 
Cynthia Prehar, Framingham State College - cprehar@hotmail.com
Stuart Sidle, University of New Haven, SSidle@newhaven.edu
Amy Nicole Salvaggio, University of New Haven – asalvaggio@newhaven.edu
Robert Tett, University of Tulsa - robert-tett@utulsa.edu
Steven Toaddy, NC State Univ, srtoaddy@ncsu.edu
Scott Tonidandel, Davidson - sctonidandel@davidson.edu
Anton Villado, Rice University - antonvillado@rice.edu
Marcus Weller, Wayne State University – az5869@wayne.edu
Jennifer Wessel, Michigan State University - wesselje@msu.edu
New Members Who Served on THEO Recruitment Subcommittee:
Suzanne Bell, DePaul University – sbell11@depaul.edu
Scott Morris, Illinois Institute of Technology - morriss@iit.edu
Tom Sawyer, Elmhurst College - toms@elmhurst.edu
Jennifer Thompson, The Chicago School - JThompson@thechicagoschool.edu
Eliza Wicher, Roosevelt University - ewicher@roosevelt.edu
Brand New Member:
Joseph Allen, Creighton University - JosephAllen1@creighton.edu
SIOP Vision: To be recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.
E&T Goals (Progress/Changes Highlighted in Green):
1. Goal: One of the main goals of the E&T committee this year will be to continue to infuse I/O psychology in the high school psychology curriculum.  There are four ways in which I hope to do this.
A) The Teachers' Bureau (a new subcommittee of E&T)
Task: The task of this subcommittee will be to develop an excel sheet downloadable via the SIOP webpage that lists names, emails, phone numbers, and school affiliations/addresses of SIOP members who have volunteered to be part of the Teachers' Bureau.
What is the Teachers' Bureau?  As such, the Teachers Bureau is a newly created listing of SIOP members who have agreed to travel locally and give introductory talks about I/O psychology to high school classes and similar communities of interest. 
The plan is to find this initial list of people who a long time ago said that they were interested in the Ambassador's Program (which is now the title of another, unrelated program) as well as recruit new members.  Then, we will email these folks with a link to Survey Monkey that explains the newly formed Teachers' Bureau.  If they are interested, we will ask them their basic information and to confirm their interests.  From this, we will make a spreadsheet downloadable from the SIOP webpage of these names.
Summer 2010 Actions: I developed a draft of questions, found the original list of people, and appointed co-chairs of this committee (Amy Salvaggio and Bradley Brummel). I have been in touch with these two and sent them all the information that I think they need to get this initiative off the ground. They, along with Stuart Sidle, are currently working on the draft and beginning to think about a webpage, which will collect information on volunteers and eventually be downloadable onto an excel file, which will eventually be posted on the SIOP webpage. I must find out if it possible to send out an invitation to all SIOP members (?)to become part of the Teachers’ Bureau and visit the website.
End of the Year 2010 Actions: Amy Salvaggio and Bradley Brummel have done a nice job of creating the webpage. I have taken it; thus, we have an N=1 for Teachers Bureau Membership. It’s our start and the website looks great. We will now focus on: 1) Shortening the URL address to something more simple; 2) Writing to the Old Ambassador List and inviting these folks via email, and potentially updating old addresses via web searches; 3) Sending an announcement to SIOP electronic news (Dave Nershi suggestion); 4) Writing a TIP article; and 5) Advertising at SIOP in some meaningful way.
Spring 2011 Actions: The Teachers Bureau is now comprised of 212 members across the U.S. We will next work on advertising this, again, at the SIOP Director’s Meeting and then will have a spreadsheet updated and placed on the SIOP webpage. 
Summer 2011 Actions: Bradley downloaded most recent version with members, Amy is cleaning it up, and they will then send it to me for review. From there, it will be posted on the new E&T webpage.
Updates or Comments From Chair: There has been nice progress on this and I am really happy with the movement we have on this.
B) Continue to Publicize the Introductory Psychology-oriented PowerPoint slides
Introductory (and other non I/O) psychology professors (in high school and college) need information about I/O psychology that they can easily plug into their classes. As such, I/O related slides were developed by previous E&T leadership and member. Marcus Dickson has agreed to head up a subcommittee that will continue to update these (he will also include the link to the SIOP developed overall I/O psychology powerpoint on the webpage). 
Following Marcus’ lead, we will continue to publicize these slides to textbook publishing companies for inclusion in their instructor ancillaries.
I/O Powerpoint Contact: Marcus Dickson, Wayne State University
I/O Publishers Contact: Anton Villado, Rice University
To date, meetings or calls have been held with representatives from four publishing companies, and two publishing companies have been in contact with David Nershi to negotiate access to these materials, with one agreement finalized and one in progress. E&T has seen its role in this process as being making initial contacts and promoting the idea, and then turning negotiations over to Executive Director Nershi, and so he may provide additional information.
Spring 2011 Actions: Still Need to Pursue Action on This: Marcus is delayed in working on these (he’s a busy person!). I have emailed him about them. Scott Tonidandel, will leave room on the revised webpage for these. I am thinking about asking the presenters at the THEO workshop to provide me with access to their powerpoints so that we might use them.
Summer 2011 Actions: All THEO members agreed to let us post their powerpoints. However, we are now thinking that it might be nice to have short powerpoints that are useful to all Intro sections of Psychology that can plug I/O into existing areas of study. I will be asking Joseph Allen to lead a subcommittee on this.
C) Contact AP Testing to Promote the Inclusion of I/O Psychology on AP Exams
I/O Psychology is not current covered on the Advanced Placement exams and we would like to change this. We plan to contact AP and discuss this with them.
AP Contact: Eden King, George Mason University
Summer 2010 Action: Eden wrote an initial email in June to establish connection. Begin forwarded message: From: Eden B King eking6@gmu.edu Date: June 30, 2010 4:00:52 PM CD To:Maureen_McCarthy@kennesaw.eduSubject: Psychology & College Board Academic Advisory Committee Dear Dr. McCarthy, My name is Eden King and I am an Assistant Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at George Mason University. I am a member of the Society for IO Psychology's Committee on Education and Training. One of our committee's initiatives involves increasing awareness of IO psychology among students in high school and college. I noticed that you are a psychologist serving on the College Board's Academic Advisory Committee for Social Sciences. I'm writing with hope that you might be willing to let us know if there are formal (or informal) processes through which we might advocate for the inclusion of IO psychology on the AP psychology exam. If appropriate, we would be happy to put together a brief proposal that features the reasons we think students should learn about IO psychology (such as data suggesting that SIOP is one of the largest divisions of APA, that IO psychology is one of the fastest-growing professions in the U.S., and that most Americans spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else). We appreciate any guidance you are willing to provide about the best channels through which to make our case. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.
End of the Year 2010 Actions: Since we heard nothing, I wrote to Maureen myself: I'm the chair of the Education and Training Committee of SIOP and I just wanted to follow-up on an email that one of my colleagues sent you a few months ago. Is there anything that we can do to help advocate for the inclusion of IO psychology on the AP psychology exam? I/O psychology is a growing field (according to SIOP and according to the increase in training programs) and we are happy to help advocate in anyway you think might be appropriate. Feel free to let me know. Best, Mikki Hebl Professor, Rice University
Spring 2011 Actions: Maureen responded and directed my to Dr. Ken Keith (kkeith@sandiego.edu), the Chief Reader for the AP exam. I wrote him and he responded that “Approved courses are designed to be consistent with the AP Psychology Course Description, which you can find at http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/Controller.jpf. Just click on "course descriptions," and choose "psychology.." You will see, if you scroll down to the content outline section, that organizational psychology appears in the portion of the course labeled "Social Psychology."”
Updates or Comments From Chair: I would still like to call Ken and have a longer conversation about how only organizational psychology is covered and it is subsumed under social psychology.
Summer 2011 Action: None. This is still an outstanding goal and I am a bit stalled on how to best proceed.
D) Four-hour SIOP preconference: THEO (THe Educational Outreach) Program: An Introduction to I/O Psychology
At the 2010 Atlanta Executive Committee, Mort McPhail suggested that we consider reinstituting an earlier initiative in which we do some very general funding (and/or waive the fee) for local high school teachers (perhaps those who teach AP psychology) who might be interested in coming to the annual SIOP meeting. We will try to think about how we might develop this list and how we can invite them. I have some very attainable goals for this in 2012 as it will be held in Houston and Rice University hosts a Psychology AP training summer session. I will begin working on that this summer.
Summer 2010 Action: Was just beginning to think about it.
End of the Year 2010 Actions: I have made a great deal of progress on this and feel very proud of what we have accomplished. Kizzy Parks, Chair of CEMA, and I have been approved to hold THEO, a half-day preconference session on the Wednesday before SIOP that will be open to all local constituents (including high school and college psychology teachers who do not have I/O programs) who would like to learn about I/O psychology. We feel that this will go far in promoting outreach into the community and educating others about I/O psychology. This session will be free-of-charge and we are beginning to: 1) put together a list of speakers who will talk from 8:00-12 noon in the International Ballroom South; 2) form a subcommittee who will promote this event; and 3) create a webpage (in conjunction with help from Dave Nershi and Emeka in the SIOP office) for help in signing up and directing interested people.
Spring 2011 Actions: We have a nice list of speakers for THEO – Paul Muchinsky, Jose Cortina, Juan Madera, Stefanie Halverson, Marcus Dickson, and Roseanne Foti. We “have built it” but now they need to come, and as of right now, we only have 14 people signed up to attend. We have switched to a smaller room and engaged a Recruitment Subcommittee that is based in Chicago and derives from six different universities. 
Summer 2011 Action: We built it, so to speak, but they did NOT come. We had nine participants at SIOP. They were wonderful, engaged, and gave us very positive feedback but we need to rethink how to engage a bigger crowd or it may not be worth the effort of the wonderful speaker lineup we had. We will try to appoint a contact person and think through the logistics more carefully when SIOP happens in San Diego. All speakers agreed to give the same presentation next year and they were wonderful presentations and outstanding speakers.

2. Goal: Normative Study on Masters/Doctoral Course, Program, and Comprehensive Requirements
At the program director’s meeting at SIOP in Atlanta, there was a strong desire to see a preliminary study conducted that examines masters and doctoral programs to see what the course, program, and comprehensive requirements are.
We have begun steps toward conducting this study and the chair has requested a budget for this study. Essentially, two students would be hired (at $1500 each) to help conduct the study. Additionally, there would be two lotteries in place in which a single M.A. and a single PhD program would be randomly drawn from the list of those participating and giving normative information to win 1K. Thus, the total requested amount would be 5K.
Chair: Robert Tett, University of Tulsa
Summer 2010 Action: Rob has done a nice job beginning this and showing me drafts of the first 4 of 7 sections. He is currently trying to finish a draft and figure out how best to invite participants and get them to respond. He is working with a committee of two other folks.
End of the Year 2010 Actions: I tried to get some basic funding for this operation and need to clarify the study for the January Executive Committee. Rob has now completed a draft of the survey and I passed it on to Dave Nershi, who will forward it to Tammy Allen and Milt Hakel. We are getting close.
Spring 2011 Actions: We received approval and plan to introduce this at the SIOP Convention Program Chair’s Meeting (1-2 p.m. on Friday).
Summer 2011 Actions: We had another glitch as we were suppose to send out an email to the Directors. We did not and two people showed up to our meeting. Ughhh. We quickly sent out a message to try to capture directors on Saturday, but this produced only two more. So, we were disheartened with our intentions of launching the Normative Study. Not to worry, Rob and I used the opportunity to iron out some of the glitches, we retook the survey, and we are launching the survey this very week.

3. Goal: Revise and Enhance the Educators Page on the SIOP Website
This goal is being pursued by a sub-committee chaired by Scott Tonidandel. This subcommittee has already prepared an initial draft and will work this year to improve and publish this site.
End of Year 2010 Action: Scott and Stefanie Johnson have been working to update this page. They have made some progress and will work in space to accommodate the new initiatives that are described in many of these E&T goals. 
Spring 2011: Spoke with Scott and he sent something to Lori Peake a while back and is awaiting feedback about the draft. Said he would contact Lori. Scott made some major overhaul suggestions that I think would be very good organizationally.
Summer 2011 Actions: Scott has done a really nice job taking the lead to get this done. We are simply awaiting its placement on the webpage. Help! Let’s get it up and going!

4. Goal: Maintain and increase the SIOP Teaching Wiki website’s content (i.e., syllabi, in-class activities, and out-of-class projects), as well as the awareness of the site by potential users.
Julie Lyon continues to lead the sub-committee addressing this goal. The wiki sub-committee is coordinating their efforts with the Educators Page Review sub-committee, and materials will be moved as appropriate between the two sites. The Wiki Sub-committee continues to explore ways to use new media to get the word out to other SIOP members for zero cost. The wiki has a variety of Web 2.0 features, such as embedded video and RSS feeds of any changes to the site, and the committee wants to maximize the technology available to us.
Summer 2010 Action: Julie is fantastic about this. I have asked her what she needs and sent a new recruit her way.
End of the Year 2010 Action: I just emailed to touch base and see if she needs anything.
Spring 2011 Action: Julie is very autonomous on this and it is going smoothly.
Summer 2011 Actions: None.

5. Goal: Develop materials that assist in enhancing some of the academic experiences and opportunities of graduate students. This includes a) creating accessible lists of research funding opportunities and strategies for acquiring research funding; and b) creating accessible lists of study abroad opportunities and experiences, as well as provide a forum for discussing the pros and cons of such educational experiences.
Both of these were goals listed by the previous chair (Marcus Dickson) but unexpected administrative duties arising for members of these sub-committee prevented their making significant progress.
Summer 2010 Action: I have assigned a committee of six people for Grad Funding and the sub-committee chair is David Costanza. I have also asked Kimberly O’Brien if she would be willing to submit a presentation to SIOP on this. I have also assigned a committee of five people for Study Abroad and the subcommittee chair is Juan Madera. I have asked Juan and Jennifer Wessel if they might be willing to submit to SIOP for a presentation on this.
End of the Year 2010 and Spring 2011 Action: Both SIOP presentations were submitted and accepted.
Summer 2011 Updates: Great job on the SIOP presentations and good attendance. I need to remind Scott to make room for what we discover on the SIOP educator’s webpage and ask Juan and David to write up their results.

6. Goal: Continue to host the annual Program Directors Meeting at SIOP 2011
The program directors meeting was held “off-program”.
Spring 2011 Action: Dave scheduled it for 1 p.m. on Friday in Room 4D. We intended to review all of the work we had done this year and make a big push for the Survey and listen to the requests of Program Chairs. Unfortunately, I did not understand I was suppose to personally send out invites to program chairs.
Summer 2011 Actions: Rob Tett and I have completed glitches on the survey and will have invitations out to survey directors (I obtained lists from SIOP office) this week.
We have now added two more initiatives at the request of Lori Peake and Tammy Allen.

7. We’ve had a request (from Lori) regarding the internship survey conducted in 2003 by the E&T Committee. HumRRO would like to be added to the list of organizations offering internships. As a result, we thought it might be a good idea for the list to be revisited and updated because information is probably outdated. HumRRO wants to be added. 
Spring 2011 Actions: I’m thinking about it and will probably begin to think about a subcommittee formation.
Summer Actions: No actions yet.

8. We’ve had a suggestion (from Tammy, who presented at NITOP) that we send an I/O delegate to NITOP every year (Doug Bernstein’s suggestion).
 So, three questions: I have gone to NITOP several times but a good while ago. My memory is that it is pretty expensive to register and that the hotel is fairly expensive too. Would NITOP (Doug and the Illinois gang) waive a fee if we were to speak there in a general session? Would SIOP sponsor the speakers' flight or hotel? What sorts of suggestions do you have for me to make this happen? If the EC committee is meeting in a few days, perhaps this is a great time to get approval? We can actually get it done and on the agenda, as I think it is a superb idea.
Spring 2011 Actions: For this year again, we will be sending a SIOP member to talk about I/O psychology at NITOP. This year, it will be Nathan Carter who is at University of Central Florida. SIOP has agreed to pay for his hotel and meals, and NITOP will waive his registration.

Summer 2011 Actions: Awaiting conference in January.