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CEMA Committee Goals

Kizzy M. Parks, Chair

      1.  Support & Visibility

-To raise the awareness of CEMA and celebrate the accomplishments of CEMA and members to students, academics and practitioners through various media channels and efforts of outreach
-To raise the awareness of the I/O Profession to ethnic minority undergraduates and undergraduate psychology department chairs
-Partner with Kim Smith-Jentsch the SIOP membership chair to analyze membership demographic data. The trends will serve as a baseline to help move us forward in areas such as member recruitment and retention.

2. CEMA Best Paper Award Fundraising
-To raise the required funds to support the Best Paper Award
3.  SIOP 2012 in San Diego
-Partner with the SIOP Program Chair to ensure that the CEMA business meeting does not conflict with the diversity/inclusion poster session 
-To partner with education and training committee for THe Educational Outreach (THEO) Program
-To increase interest in the CEMA Reception