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External Relations Committee Goals

Deirdre Knapp, Chair

External Relations Committee
2011-2012 Goals and Activities Update (June 1, 2011)
Activities since SIOP Conference
·          In coordination with Steve Kozlowski (Science Advocacy Task Force), updated Paula Skedsvold from the Federation about advocacy-related events/outcomes from the conference.
·          Helped connect Scientific Affairs Committee to APA to arrange for science advocacy training at the 2012 SIOP conference.
·          Developed supporting materials for monitoring/influencing APA elections (e.g., election schedules, lists of prior nominees and members).
·          Held ERC teleconference May 31, 2011.
2011-2012 Committee Goals
To carry out the ERC goals as stated in our charter, we have developed several more specific objectives for our second year as a committee…
·          Communicate  with members – communicate goals and strategies for advocacy; celebrate involvement of our members with other organizations (e.g., APA, SHRM); encourage voting in APA elections; communication vehicles include TIP, the monthly e-newsletters, and potentially some type of session or event at the 2012 conference.
·          Establish a routine procedure for asking APA president-elect nominees to answer several questions of interest to SIOP members; post on web-site and announce on e-newsletter (election timing doesn’t work well for TIP schedule). Develop a strategy for determining if/when SIOP should take a stance regarding endorsing (or lobbying against) particular candidates.
·          Further articulate partner organization contact schedule/strategy; expand list of potential partner organizations as applicable
·          Support efforts of other SIOP committees to address advocacy goals (e.g., Scientific Affairs implementation of Science Advocacy Task Force recommendations)
·          Coordinate with Scientific Affairs Committee on ongoing tasking/support of APA and Federation lobbying activities (which primarily relate to funding for behavioral science research)