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History Goals

Paul Levy, Chair

History Committee Goals
1)    I will spend the bulk of my efforts this year working with former SIOP Presidents encouraging them to write their autobiography. Kurt Kraiger used an email list that I had created this past year to encourage these former Presidents. I followed up on this once already this year and received some favorable responses from a handful of former Presidents. I will use this next year to push a bit harder and work with the Presidents to update those bios.
2)    I will write 2 pieces for TIP, but I’m unsure of the content of those pieces. I received some good feedback from folks at SIOP about my column that introduced the new Center for the History of Psychology and the more established Archives for the History of American Psychology (AHAP). I may venture back into the AHAP for one of these upcoming pieces.
3)    Because my term ends this year, I intend to find 1 or 2 new folks for my committee with the hope of one of them transitioning into the Chair position for next year. I recognize the importance of succession planning here and hope to find a couple really good candidates.