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LGBT Ad-Hoc Committee Goals 2011-2012

Committee Chair Name: Brian Roote

Date: June 1, 2011

Committee Members: Jeffrey Lantz, Walter Reichman, Nicholas Salter, Lisa Baranik, Beth Bynam, Corey Munoz, Larry Martinez (student representative).

Strategic Planning Goals: In April 2003, the Executive Committee of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) established an ad hoc committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender (LGBT) research and membership issues. The purpose of establishing this committee was to begin to encourage research on LGBT issues and promote LGBT voice within SIOP and throughout organizations.

The LGBT committee has a Working Mission Statement, which is: To increase favorable attitudes and awareness of LGBT issues within SIOP, to encourage research on LGBT issues, and to promote the wellbeing of LGBT professionals in the workplace.

For the 2011-2012 year, we have the following goals:

1. Partner with LGBT friendly shelters to continue our committee’s outreach efforts by providing job placement and college education coaching sessions (SIOP goal # 1).

Action: Continue an ongoing relationship with The Night Ministry in Chicago, Illinois. Review resumes and cover letters on an „as needed basis‟ by rotating the responsibility amongst committee members and graduate students.

Action: Upload materials used at the Night Ministry to the SIOP website wiki as a reference for others wanting to conduct job skills training.

Action: Locate LGBT friendly shelters in San Diego to continue our outreach efforts at the SIOP 2012 conference.

2. Reintroduce a petition to the Executive Committee to release a policy statement supporting the Employment Non Discrimination Act that would prohibit discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity (SIOP goal # 2).

Action: To support this request, we will write a research brief detailing the available empirical evidence regarding the experiences of LGBT workers and the

implications of these experiences for individuals and organizations for the fall 2011 EC meeting. Please note that this request is directly in line with the strategic goal that SIOP will be an “advocate and champion of I-O psychology to policy makers”, particularly with regard to the notion that SIOP should make “increased efforts to monitor and influence policy and legislation affecting human behavior at work.”

Action: Submit the proposed research briefing as a TIP article for the November 1 submission deadline.

3. Increase Ally and LGBT participation at the SIOP conference reception and committee meeting, as well as continue to promote informal networking opportunities for our membership (SIOP goal # 3).

Action: Submit funding request for local LGBT entertainment to perform at the LGBT Committee and Allies reception.

Action: Reach out to business partners for sponsorship to help offset the cost of the „Best LGBT Research‟ award and the reception entertainment.

Action: Leverage social networking capabilities to inform our membership of the reception and the committee meeting during the 2012 SIOP conference.

Action: Continue the Thursday night dinner tradition at the 2012 annual conference. Each year, we meet at a local LGBT owned restaurant to help support informal social networks amongst our membership.
Action: Promote the continued use of rainbow stickers on nametags at annual conferences. Action: Find ways to create greater inclusion and engagement of our straight allies in all LGBT committee events and meetings.

4. Become a standing committee (SIOP goal # 3).

Action: Petition the Executive Board to change the bylaws, by removing the „ad hoc‟ committee status, at the fall 2011 meeting.

5. Use social networking to increase collaboration amongst researchers to highlight quality research in our field, advertise the LGBT research award, and to stay in contact with each other throughout the year (SIOP goal # 3).

Action: Create an LGBT committee and allies group on LinkedIn.com. Highlight current research on the website by having authors discuss their research and share a short biography.
Action: Continue to promote research collaboration and advertise the LGBT research award using social networks as well as the LGBT listserve.
Action: Send an email discussing the LGBT research award to program chairs at universities, using the graduate school information websites to access contact information.

6. Collaborate with professional organizations to disseminate current research, create dialogue amongst academics and practitioners, and encourage new streams of research (SIOP goal # 4).

Action: Collaborate with "Out and Equal" (www.outandequal.org), an organization committed to ending employment discrimination for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgendered employees, to submit a workshop proposal for the 2012 Out and Equal conference. The workshop will disseminate current LGBT research findings conducted by I-O psychologists to a largely applied, non-academic, LGBT professional audience.
Action: Collaborate with Out and Equal, and submit a panel discussion for the 2012 SIOP annual conference. The panelist will discuss best practices for setting up and maintaining a successful LGBT resource group within an organization.
Action: Provide Out and Equal and the Human Rights Campaign (www.hrc.org) with white papers discussing current research on LGBT topics conducted by SIOP members.

7. Create a ‘Community of Interest’ on the SIOP website to store helpful resources on LGBT topics (SIOP goal # 4).

Action: Partner with Out and Equal to obtain materials on best practices for setting up an LGBT employee resource group and upload the materials to the SIOP wiki.

8. Explore partnership with LGBT friendly organizations and APA’s division 44 to create an LGBT subject pool (SIOP goal # 4).

Action: Create a subject pool through which participants can be recruited by collaborating with both the Human Rights Campaign as well as organizations identified by the HRC as achieving an 85 – 100% on the Corporate Equality Index.

9. Recognize all quality LGBT research submitted at SIOP (SIOP Goal #4).

Action: Submit funding request to purchase award frames to present to professionals/researchers who submit high quality LGBT research but who do not win the "Best LGBT research" award.