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Placement Center and Jobnet Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Adam Hilliard and Matt O’Connell
Date: June 1, 2011
Committee Members: Brian Bellinger, Autumn Krauss, Anne Hansen, Alyson Marguiles, Tracey Drobbin
·          All of the Placement Center/Jobnet committee goals focus on providing high-quality services to I/O Psychologists and Job seekers that are not found elsewhere. This supports strategic goal 3, specifically, focusing on support for SIOP members in their efforts to study, apply, and teach the principles, findings, and methods of I/O psychology.
1.     Review usage data from 2010 conference and provide recommendations regarding operating hours for Placement Center.
Action: Review data and make recommendation. (By end of August)
2.     Identify Placement Center strengths and weaknesses. Make recommendations for changes, as appropriate. Make recommendations for changes, as appropriate.
Action:Placement Center evaluation data has been aggregated and a formal evaluation report has been submitted to Lise Saari.
3.   Grow the number of employers posting to the Placement Center.
Action: Research all relevant employers in the San Diego area and solicit their interest.  Also, reach out to national organizations that may benefit from employing I/O Psychologists, but are yet unaware of the field of I/O Psychology (Ongoing).
4.     Grow the number of applicants registering for Placement Center.
Action: Identify ways Placement Center can more fully cater to passive job seekers (e.g. by increasing privacy) as well as I/O Psychologists who are not looking for entry-level positions.
5.     Improve visibility of Placement Center, better communicating the mission statement as well as clarifying the distinction between JobNet and Placement Center.
Action: Look for new internal venues to communicate a mission statement; create a more comprehensive FAQ document; identify success stories and/or testimonials; increase visibility in conference program; clarify perceptual and functional differences between JobNet and Placement Center; incorporate social media (By end of August).
6.     Ensure Placement Center needs are accommodated by SIOP San Diego host hotel.  
Action: Attend Winter Advance and perform a walk-through of location (Early 2012).
7.   Continue to increase functionality and ease of use for the technology used to support Placement Center (most specifically the website).
Action: Consolidate lessons learned and feedback from committee members related to any implementation issues confronted during the ’11 Placement Center (By end of August).
8.      Improve the feedback process for Placement Center to obtain a more representative sample of Placement Center participants.
Action: Work with SIOP Administrative Office to formalize a more comprehensive feedback gathering process, potentially including an online survey. 
Updates or Comments from Chair:
A majority of the committee has turned over due to the majority having met the two year time commitment typically requested for Placement Center. Brian Bellinger has returned for his second year and we welcome Autumn Krauss, Anne Hansen, Alyson Marguiles, and Tracey Drobbin to their first year on the committee.