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Program Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Deborah Rupp
Date: June 1, 2011

Committee Members:

Deborah Rupp, Chair
Mariangela Battista, Past Chair
Eden King, Chair-in-training
Dana Glenn-Dunleavy, Call/Flanagan Committee Chair
Jeffery Cucina
Sara Jansen Perry
Tara Behrend
Hailey Herleman
John Donovan, COI/IP Committee Chair
Jessica Nicklin
Trevor Byrd
Gavan O'Shea
K. Adam Ortiz, Master Collaboration Chair
S. Bart Craig
John Bradberry
Brian Underhil
Fortune 200 OD Professional TBD
Ashley Walvoord, Friday Seminar Chair
Laurent LaPierre
Ted Kinney
Kristen Shockley
Liuqin Yang
Eden King, Theme Track Chair
Eric Dunleavy
Lisa Leslie
Jim Outtz
Mikki Hebl
Kizzy Parks
Lisa Nishii
Bob Dipboye
Derek Avery

Strategic Goals and Progress:
The goals below are aligned with SIOP’s Vision and SIOP’s Goals:
            Vision: “To be recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.”
            Goals: “1. Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology.; 2. Advocate and champion of I-O psychology to policy makers.; 3. Organization of choice of I-O professionals.; and 4. Model of integrated scientist–practitioner effectiveness that values research, practice, and education equally and seeks higher standards in all three areas.” 
SIOP Program - Strategic Planning Goals:
1.     Create a program that showcases SIOP as the premier association in which to find the most credible and practical information regarding work psychology and business performance.
2.     Ensure the program contains exciting speakers and sessions that will energize the attendees and promote I/O to senior leaders and managers in organizations and government entities worldwide.
3.     Create a program that assures SIOP’s place as the premier association for I/O and related psychology and business professionals.
4.     Create a program appealing to both academicians and practitioners to ensure collaboration, integration, healthy debate, and innovation within the scientist-practitioner model.
Progress Updates from Chair:
·          Committee chairs in place
·          Subcommittee members identified
·          Training in progress for program-chair-in-training. Continuing to update program chair “bible” (timeline and all steps) building on the detailed documentation from 5 previous program chairs (Mariangela Battista, Sara Weiner, John Scott, Steven Rogelberg, Tammy Allen, Julie Olson-Buchanan)
·          Programming for Friday Seminars, Master Collaboration, and COIs/IPs being defined
·          Topic identified for Theme Track
·          First TIP article submitted
·          Worked with others to compose multiple additional TIP submissions highlighting the successes of the theme track and the Ignite format—working to encourage more Ignite submissions for 2012
·          Strategic goals defined
·          Call for proposals under review with CfP committee
·          Set dates for Nov and Oct program committee meetings in West Lafayette
·          Established new program chair email account: SIOPprog@Purdue.edu
Program Progress by Subcommittees to Date:

·          Reviewed process with program chair
·          Currently reviewing call
·          Shared committee charge, process document, and timeline with committee
·          Confirmed membership status of committee members
·          Topics identified:

- Collaboration on instrument designed to measure entrepreneurial characteristics
- Collaboration on instrument designed to measure entrepreneurial characteristics
- Collaboration on design of enterprise executive coaching solution and outcome measures
- Collaboration on design of enterprise executive coaching solution and outcome measures

·          Established the committee members
·          Committee members are in the process of soliciting feedback from 2011 facilitators (Feedback is due back June 6th) to find out the good and bad of last year's sessions
·          Committee members are also soliciting input from 3-4 colleagues regarding what type of COI sessions they would like to see next year.  This information is also due on June 6th.
  • Touching base with the workshop topics to make sure no overlap
  • Touch base with the APA liaison for thoughts on CEUs for our seminar topics
  • Initial topics Identified

- Followership
- Formal Mentoring
- Internationalizing I/O Programs
- Quasi-Experimental Design

·          TOPIC: Science and Practice Perspectives on Discrimination
·          Committee membership formed
·          Conference call planned for first week of June