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 Visibility Committee Goals and Progress Report Form 

Committee Members: Anna Erickson, Cathie Murensky, Jenny Hoobler, Ken Lahti, Lauren Simon, Lisa Roberts, Mark Rose, Lorin Mueller, Tatana Olsen, Uma Iyer, Emily Solberg, Lauren Mondo, Carl Persing, Christine Corbet, Dan Freschi, Jeff Jolton, Jennifer Deal, Kevin Kramer, Matt Millard, Valerie Sessa
Strategic Planning Goals:
Visibility Mission:  To gain visibility with our target audiences through a variety of channels and tactics in order to help I/O Psychologists (and SIOP) be recognized as the premier professionals committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.
Strategic Planning Goals – in support of SIOP Goal 1: Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology.
1.    Objective: Establish a baseline of I-O/SIOP’s current visibility
a.     Goal: Identify/Develop a set of metrics assessing I-O/SIOP’s visibility
b.    Goal: Conduct a ‘marketplace insights’ study to track our brand awareness and visibility
c.     Goal: Establish a process for ongoing, periodic assessment
2.    Objective: Expand and deepen our network with relevant media channels & other relevant audiences
a.     Goal: Identify key players in relevant media channels execute programs to build relationships (e.g., Media luncheon)
b.    Goal: Identify and develop visibility channels in four key audience segments: academia, public policy, business community generally and HR community specifically
3.    Objective: Conduct ongoing visibility efforts (placing a differential focus on psychology at large, human resources professionals and business leaders, public policy makers)
a.     Goal: Work with the AO to generate press releases, web content, etc. to push key messages to target audiences.
b.    Goal: Market the Fall Conference
c.     Goal: Conduct public webinar
4.    Objective: Define tools and processes to institutionalize visibility efforts
a.     Goal: Work with the AO to develop and institutionalize processes and to archive visibility collateral (e.g., webinars)
b.    Goal: Finalize and monitor visibility metrics
Updates or Comments From Chair:
Current activities:
1.    Branding Proposal
a.     Aligned to Objective 3, ongoing visibility efforts
b.     Branding proposal in revisions
2.    Website updates
a.     Aligned to Objective 3, ongoing visibility efforts
b.     Have a mocked up draft of the new website available for review; collecting feedback: http://www.siop.org/business.aspx.
3.    Media Lunch
a.     Aligned to Objective 2, media network
b.     Planned for June 20
4.    Webinar
a.     Aligned to Objective 3, ongoing visibility efforts and Objective 4, institutionalize visibility efforts
b.     Successful webinar in April
c.     Webinar archived on SIOP’s website for on-demand viewing
5.    Metrics:
a.     Received and are currently incorporating feedback on metrics survey; metrics survey, focused on consumer awareness of SIOP and the work of I/O Psychologists, is to be used as a baseline metric for visibility efforts
b.     Will need board to consider funding request for market research firm to assist with sampling of business leaders and HR professionals