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Workshop Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Liberty Munson
Date: 5/16/11

Committee Members:
Leanne Bennett
Michel Buffet
Erica Desrosiers
Laura Heaton
Christina Norris-Watts
Chris Lovato
Robert Michel
Lorin Mueller
Mat Osicki
Cheryl Paullin
Emily Solberg
Brigitte Steinheider
Darin Wiechmann
Paul Yost
Strategic Planning Goals:
1.     Determine the appropriate number of pre-conference workshops and identify topics to maximize participation in 2012 (linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Visibility and Organization of Choice).
Action: We have identified 12 workshop topics and are in the process of identifying speakers to lead/facilitated these workshops. The workshop titles and leader contact information are due from the committee members on June 10; I have provided a high level overview of the workshop topics and whether speakers have confirmed at the end of this report.
2.     Develop workshops covering a range of relevant and interesting I/O topics, and identify seasoned, well-respected, thought leaders with good presentation skills from a variety of organizations (e.g., academic, private industry, consulting) to lead each workshop (linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Organization of Choice and Model of integrated scientist).
Action: The workshop committee identified a wide range of topics in the following areas: organizational, assessment, methodology, legal updates, ethics, and HR management; a high level overview of the topics is provided at the end of this document. In addition, we are trying to recruit leading thinkers on the selected topics to facilitate the workshops, and when appropriate, we plan to ask an academician and a practitioner to co-facilitate the session.
3.     Increase the visibility of the workshops in both the I/O and business communities (linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Visibility).
Action:  One committee member is focused solely on marketing the workshops this year. He will develop and implement a high level marketing plan, coordinating these activities with SIOP Administrative Office.
4.     Improve the quality of the workshops. Clearly define workshops goals and workshop’s target audience and include both in the workshop description. Clearly communicate to speakers that all workshops must have attendee “takeaways” provided during the workshop as well as the expectation that workshop will contain an appropriate form of interaction between participants. Ensuring interaction in all workshops will be a critical commitment for the 2012 workshops (linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Visibility).
Action: The marketing committee member will update the SIOP Workshop presentation template created for the 2011 Workshops and incorporate feedback received from speakers and attendees as appropriate. The committee chair and the marketing committee member will review drafts of all presentations to ensure that presenters have carefully considered the topic and content that they plan to discuss during the workshop (and don’t wait until the last minute to prepare the workshop) and that ALL workshops have an appropriate level of planned interaction.
5.     Increase our understanding of who attends workshops and why. Identify patterns in workshop attendance and explore changes in attendee behaviors to improve and/or target marketing for future workshops (Linked to SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals related to Visibility and Organization of Choice.)
Action: One committee member is focused solely on analyzing data collected from the pre/post workshop surveys over the past five years as well as data collected from post-Conference survey over the past three years. This research will build on the research conducted prior to the 2011 workshop planning meeting. One thought is to dig a little deeper into the types of people who have attended different workshops in the past, using affiliation as a rough guide to "type," which might improve our marketing strategy and allow us to target marketing.  Data from the post-Conference survey may shed light on changes in attendee behavior and may provide ideas for new and interesting workshop topics for 2013. I am also hoping some of this research will start to inform us on how to build excitement and interest in the 2014 Workshops in Hawaii (i.e., is there anything we can and should be thinking about differently when we start planning for Hawaii?).
Updates or Comments From Chair:
Progress on recruiting workshop speakers/leaders and finalization of workshop topics is proceeding as expected. The Committee met on May 16 to address any issues or concerns members might have about their assigned workshop topic and/or difficulties finding speakers. No issues in finalizing titles and speakers by the June 10 deadling are anticipated.
As a high level overview, the 2012 workshops will include the following topics (to be refined as speakers are finalized):
1.     Considering science and practice as innovations are incorporated into testing and selection programs; no confirmed speakers yet
2.     Practical considerations for designing and implementing selection programs; Richard Cober has confirmed, another speaker is being recruited
3.     What’s new in competency development and use in organizations; no confirmed speakers yet
4.     What’s new in engagement research; Bill Macey, Arnold Bakker confirmed
5.     Identifying, developing, tracking, and assessing high potentials; Rob Silzer confirmed
6.     Coaching beyond the traditional 1:1 approach; no confirmed speakers yet
7.     Effective change management strategies and why change fails; no confirmed speakers yet
8.     Building an effective talent management program and executing it; Alan Church has confirmed and two additional speakers are being recruited
9.     Practical psychometrics/beyond SPSS ; no confirmed speakers yet
10. Performing, understanding, and explaining ROI analysis; Nathan Kancel has confirmed and is considering second speaker to provide practitioner perspective
11. Legal Updates: What’s happened in the past two-three years? Speakers not yet confirmed
12. Ethics case studies; speakers not yet confirmed