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2012-2013 APA Program Committee Goals

Committee Chair Name: Shonna D. Waters

Date: May 31, 2012

Goals Report

Committee Members:

We had 24 committee members last year. Twelve members completed their second year and will thus no longer be participating. We are awaiting responses from the 12 first year members regarding their interest in serving on the committee this year. Thus far, we have confirmed five new volunteers and are in the process of contacting additional individuals. We will provide the full committee roster once it has been finalized.

Strategic Planning Goals:

Our committee goals are most relevant to the SIOP strategic goal of being a “Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology” and to the SIOP Vision of being “recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.”

1. Encourage Division 14 members’ submissions to and attendance at the 2013 APA conference.

  • Action:We will continue standard practice of advertising in TIP and other media as appropriate. We will also continue the practice of asking SIOP submitters if they would be willing to consider presenting their work at APA if there is not room on the SIOP program. We will take adavantage of new social media outlets, such as mySIOP.org.

2. Assemble experienced and diverse review committee.

  • Action: We will assemble a diverse and highly qualified review team. We have contacted eligible members of last year’s program committee to determine interest in repeating service on this year’s committee. Thus far, 10 individuals have agreed to serve on this committee and additional individuals will be contacted. We are tracking whether each member is in academia, consulting, or private industry to help ensure a balance across the committee. We have also begun asking current members to refer other individuals who might be interested in serving in an effort to increase the diversity and reach of the committee.

3. Actively seek out APA symposia that would be of mutual interest to Division 14 members and members from other divisions to increase Division 14 exposure. Lead and support cross-cutting initiatives that involve multiple divisions for APA programming.

  • Action: We will continue the current practice of coordinating with the SIOP conference chair to identify quality proposals that are not accepted for the SIOP conference. We will also look for opportunities to co-sponsor APA programming. We contacted SIOP’s representatives to the APA Council in an effort to increase collaboration and have a better sense of topics that might be of broad interest to APA members.

4. Encourage local I/O involvement in the APA conference.

  • Action: We will continue to search for local I/O Psychologists to encourage their participation in the conference.

5. Develop sessions that attract APA attendees who are not SIOP members for the purpose of exposing attendees to the science, practice, and/or teaching of I/O psychology.

  • Action: In the past, APA program chairs have organized sessions that include SIOP representatives to the APA Council, as well as other well-known I/O panelists. We will likely put together one or more of these special sessions at the 2013 conference. We will invite Dr. Tammy Allen to give an address at the conference from her vantage point as SIOP president.  Finally, our traditional jointly-sponsored reception with Division 5 should help continue to expose non-members to I/O psychology.

Updates or Comments from Chair:

Goal 4 might be challenging as we have not yet been able to identify local I/O groups and I/O graduate programs.