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2012-2013 Program (APS) Committee Goals

Submitted by: Suzanne Bell (Chair)

Date: June 1, 2012

Committee Members: Suzanne Bell (Chair), Reeshad Dalal (Chair in Training)

Comment by Chair: None


  1. Increase visibility and presence of the I/O community at APS.  Subgoals: Advertise APS to the SIOP membership in order to increase the number of attendees from the IO community. Provide formal or informal opportunities for the IO community to gather at APS. This goal is related to SIOP’s strategic planning goals 1 and 3.
    • Action: Offer an automatic submission to APS choice for SIOP poster submissions via the SIOP call for proposals and submission website. Advertise APS to the IO community via MYSIOP group, as well as other communication strategies (e.g., newsletter). Advertise 2012 award winners who will be 2013 speakers of particular interest to I/O attendees (e.g., Richard Hackman, Roy Baumeister, Diane Halpern). Look into the feasibility of offering an IO community evening reception or lunch; if not possible provide informal avenues in which IOs can gather. Explore offering a student or best IO poster award.
  1. Develop high quality programing that is attractive to the IO community as well as other APS attendees. Subgoals: Look to develop connections between IO interests and non-IO track programming where possible. Where possible invite speakers for IO programming such that topics may also be applicable to other psychology fields as a potential way to increase awareness of the contributions of I/O. This goal is related to SIOP’s strategic planning goals 1 and 3.
    • Action: Suggest IO presenters for relevant cross-cutting theme tracks (e.g., emotion regulation). Work with Ellen Hamaker (Program Chair for the Methodology Track) to offer methodology workshops of interest to I/O psychologist at time slots adjacent to the IO track programming. Utilize 2012 award winners who will be 2013 speakers (e.g., Richard Hackman, Roy Baumeister, Diane Halpern) for inspiration for at least some of the invited programming by demonstrating how their works has influenced IO.