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2012-2013 CEMA Committee Goals

Submitted by: Juan M. Madera

Date: 5/31/2012

Committee Members: Stefanie K. Johnson, Larry Martinez, Sarah Singletary

Comment by Chair: If you have any questions or if you need more information about any of the information please do not hesitate to contact Juan M. Madera via email at jmmadera@uh.edu or by phone at 713-614-2800.


1. Partner with the SIOP Diversity Task Force

  • The first goal is to create a “working group” for the SIOP Diversity Task Force using members of CEMA.
  • The three major questions to answer are:
    1. Why do ethnic and minority students transition at a lower rate to membership status (both full and associate) than white students?
    2. What can SIOP do about this?
    3. What can SIOP do to develop underrepresented members into leadership roles with SIOP?

2. SIOP 2013 in Houston, TX

  • CEMA will develop a roundtable/conversation that will address the following:
    1. What minority students need and suggest for effective mentoring in SIOP?
    2. Issues faced by minority graduate students and suggestions for solutions?
    3. How do we increase the visibility of CEMA for minority students?
  • Continue the prominence of the CEMA Reception.

3. CEMA Best Paper Award

  • Continue the efforts to create a CEMA Best Paper Award
  • Create a subcommittee to assist with this effort.