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2012-2013 Electronic Communications Committee Goals

Submitted by: Zack Horn, Ph.D.

Date: 6/1/12

Committee Members:

  • Michael Johnson (year 2 of 3),
  • Noelle Newhouse (year 2 of 3),
  • Tilman Sheets (year 2 of 3)
  • Caitlin Bucci (year 2 of 3; student)
  • Paul Thoresen (new member)
  • Nikki Blacksmith (new member)
  • Kevin Aeling (new member)
  • Matt Allen (new member)


  1. To enable SIOP to become a vital resource and knowledge repository for its members and the general public.
  1. To create "community" among SIOP's distributed membership through the use of collaborative tools and social media.
  1. To innovate, implement, and maintain methods for information sharing among SIOP members and SIOP Committee Operations.
    1. Includes growing and shaping my.SIOP – developing new tools and features.

Comment by Chair:

The 2012-13 ECC is comprised of academics and practitioners who are intrinsically motivated to build community and develop online collaboration among SIOP members. New members to the committee each bring their own bacgrounds in online I/O community-building, social media research, branding, and/or user interface design. The Committee has developed and prioritized a list of initiatives in each of these categories:

  • Assist and Collaborate with SIOP Board & Committees
  • Marketing & Engagement
  • Expanding my.SIOP with New Innovations & Utility
  • Centralizing SIOP social media and knowledge management using my.SIOP as a central online platform
  • Monitoring Member Activity
  • Measuring Success

Given the natural evolution of social media and electronic community interfaces over time, the Committee will adapt specific methods as needed to accomplish the goals above. The ECC will grow over the next two years and will embrace sub-committees (TBD) in response to increased demands to support SIOP Membership, Executive Board, and Committee Chairs. In the interim, ECC members have been assigned tasks in alignment with their interests and progress toward these initiatives is underway.