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2012-2013 Education & Training Committee Goals

Submitted by: Scott Tonidandel

Date: 5/31/12

Committee Members:

E&T Chair: Scott Tonidandel, Davidson College, sctonidandel@davidson.edu

I/O Classroom Visibility Modules
Dr. Joseph Allen, Creighton University (Chair) – JosephAllen1@creighton.edu
Dr. Lisa Kath, San Diego State University - lkath@sciences.sdsu.edu
Dr. Morell Mullins, Xavier University – mullins@xavier.edu
Dr. Chris Cunningham, Univ of Tennessee Chattanooga - Chris-Cunningham@utc.edu
Dr. Mike Horvath, Cleveland State University - M.HORVATH59@csuohio.edu
Dr. Carrie Bulger, Quinnipiac University - Carrie.Bulger@quinnipiac.edu

Normative Study
Rob Tett, Univ of Tulsa, robert-tett@utulsa.edu

Winny Shen, USF, wshen@usf.edu

Teaching Wiki
Julie Lyon, Roanoke College, lyon@roanoke.edu

Remaining committee members to be identified by deadline of June 30th.

Comment by Chair:

Over the past two years, the E&T committee has made great strides on a variety of initiative (special thanks to Mikki Hebl for her leadership during that time). A number of those initiatives are at or near completion. One series of goals is to try to get those initiatives to the finish line. Once completed, I would like to set a new series of goals centered around publicizing the availability of those newly created resources. Finally, as you will see, I have proposed a new set of initiatives that are in need of action by E&T.


  1. Publish online Introductory Psychology-oriented PowerPoint slides

    These slides have been created by the I/O Classroom Visibility Team. They are currently undergoing an initial round or review by three individuals who teach introductory psychology. The team will then have the opportunity to revise the slides (and perhaps have them reviewed again if needed over the summer) with the goal of having these slides available for use by August. The team is also going to be investigating ways to publicize these slides to introductory teachers.

  2. Normative Study on Masters/Doctoral Course, Program, and Comprehensive Requirements

    This study has been completed and an initial presentation was delivered to the program chairs at SIOP in San Diego. Robert Tett has been leading this initiative along with some of his students. Their plan is to work on analyzing the data more extensively this summer with the goal of creating a white paper that could be made available at the end of the summer along with creating a possible TIP article.

  3. Increasing SIOP’s visibility at NITOP

    Winny Shen at USF has agreed to give an I/O talk at NITOP this coming and next January.  So all the pieces are in place. I will continue to monitor this situation to make sure things happen as planned.

  4. SIOP Teacher’s Bureau

    Amy Salvaggio and Bradley Brummel did a fantastic job creating this resource that is now available on the SIOP website. The next objective is to publicize this resource. We made an initial attempt with that at the program director’s meeting at SIOP. In my opinion, we really need a two pronged attack. We need to publicize this to SIOP members in order to get more involvement (currently 212 people signed up). Then we need to publicize this to non SIOP members so they know this resource is available. I plan to form a small subcommittee whose responsibility it will be to enhance the visibility of this resource.

  5. Teaching Wiki Visibility & Transition

    Julie Lyon has been dutifully managing the SIOP Wiki for the past 4 years. She has already exceeded the approved tenure of committee members. I have obtained permission to allow her to stay on with E&T for an additional year. I would like to use this year so she can train her replacement. In addition, I would like that person to begin to explore ways continue to expand upon the Wiki’s impact.

  6. Program Info/Rankings

    There is a tremendous amount of interest from individuals intending on applying to graduate schools for more resources that would allow them to make better choices regarding which programs to apply to or enroll in. In addition, program directors seem to lament the existence of the US News and World report program rankings and the lack of a viable alternative to those rankings. I plan to form a subcommittee to explore gathering additional info for applicants that might help them to make better choices regarding program fit and to consider how one might go about creating an alternative ranking of programs.

  7. Revise and Enhance the Internships Page on the SIOP Website 

    The internship pages are sorely out of date and in need of an update. I plan to form a subcommittee to be in charge of revamping this portion of the website.

  8. Comprehensive Exam resource

    Mindy Bergman from Texas A&M University conducted collected data on comprehensive exam practices at a variety of universities. This information has been compiled into a report that we plan to publish online and share with program directors.

  9. SIOP Careers Study

    The Professional Practice committee is undertaking a careers study that will have important implications for E&T especially as it relates to the Guidelines for Education and Training at the Doctoral/Masters Level in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Moreover, this study might provide useful information for individuals wishing to pursue graduate education in I-O (see 6 above). As a result, I have asked to represent E&T on the steering committee for this project. The steering committee has already had our initial kickoff meeting, formulated action items, and made plans to meet again in mid-July.