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Summary of International Affairs Committee Goals/Actions
April 2012-April 2013

Members: Alex Alonso,Talya Bauer, Alok Bhupatkar, Angelo DeNisi, Greg Gormanous, Gene Johnson, Autumn Krauss, Justin Marcus, Klaus Melchers, Jose Maria Peiro’, Doug Pugh, Shreya T. Sarkar-Barney, John Scott, Dirk Steiner, Donald Truxillo (Chair), Lynda Zugec


  1. Maintain IAC website and social media.
  2. IAC White Papers
    1. Produce at least one international white papers. (Kraiger: Training).
    2. Further develop white papers procedures.
    3. Work with Professional Practice on editing IACs 2 current white papers (lead authors Wang and Bauer) for use by Professional Practice Committee.
  3. Maintain TIP column on international practice issues (currently by Alonso and Wang)
  4. Coordinate with SIOP’s NGO Committee (if needed).
  5. Coordinate with the Alliance for Organizational Psychology on activities such as Alliance research incubators, special sessions, etc. Transition responsibility for these IAC special sessions from IAC to the Alliance for the 2013 SIOP and EAWOP conferences.
  6. Develop proposal for a top-rated international poster on an international collaboration (see member survey question) for Fall EB meeting.
  7. Develop proposal for SIOP small grant to support an international collaboration.  
  8. Put on a high-quality, well attended reception at the SIOP Conference.
  9. Maintain relationship with APA.
  10. Finish draft of Committee procedures for the SIOP Administrative Manual.
  11. Further support the development of an Hispanic Affairs Committee. Possible submission of research incubator to SIOP 2013 (Alonso).
  12. Form subcommittee to examine the internationalization of I/O graduate curriculum and what SIOP can do to support it. (May result in recommendations and materials for graduate program directors.)