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2012-2013 IOP Journal Goals

Submitted by: Kevin Murphy

Date: July 5, 2012

Committee Members: Anderson, Neil R.; Arthur, Winfred; Bauer, Talya N.; Burke, Michael J.; 
Church, Allan H.; Cortina, José M.; Drasgow, Fritz; Griffin, Mark; Hayes, Theodore; Hesketh, Beryl L.; Hollenbeck, George P.; Hollenbeck, John R.; Hough, Leaetta M.; Johnson, Jeff W.; Kehoe, Jerard F.; Klimoski, Richard J.; Kraut, Allen I.; Kriek, Hennie J.; McCall, Morgan W.; McHenry, Jeffrey J.; McPhail, Mort; Pearlman, Kenneth; Rothstein, Hannah R.; Ryan, Ann Marie; Saari, Lise M.; Salas, Eduardo; Scott, John C.; Silzer, Robert F.; Strickland, William J.;
Tippins, Nancy T.

Goals: The goal is to continue to provide a forum for discussions and debates that improve both science and practice.