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Institutional Research Committee (IRC) 2012-2013 Goals and Progress Report

Committee Chair Name: Mariangela Battista

Date: July 11, 2012

X  Progress Report

Committee Members:

Mariangela Battista, Chair
Corinne Donovan, Adelphi University
Mary Plunkett – in transition
Anne Herman – in transition
Charles Scherbaum – Baruch College/CUNY

Strategic Goals and Progress:

The goals below are aligned with SIOP’s Vision and SIOP’s Goals, specifically goals #3 and 4 and a continuation of the work originally started in 2011.

Vision: “To be recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.” 
Goals: “1. Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology.; 2. Advocate and champion of I-O psychology to policy makers.; 3. Organization of choice of I-O professionals.; and 4. Model of integrated scientist–practitioner effectiveness that values research, practice, and education equally and seeks higher standards in all three areas.”

IRC - Goals:

  1. Execution of pre-scheduled or ad-hoc surveys resulting in data for SIOP AO and respective committees which will provide the respective committee with data for future programming and/or decision making
  2. Consult with respective SIOP committees on their survey design and/or data analysis plan
  3. Manage vendor relationship with Sirota
  4. Address CE evaluation vendor need
  5. Ad-hoc review of data / member database requests
  6. Continue to review and assess the current committee structure/vision in a year (e.g., are things working well, as intended, ideas for change or process improvement)? 

Progress Updates from Chair:

Spring/Summer 2012 Surveys

  • Conference Evaluation Survey was administered May 8th – 29th.  There were 982 respondents.  Data results were sent to Lynn McFarland.
  • Placement Committee currently administering a survey for job seekers as well as employers.  Survey administration is June 18 – July 12th.  So far, with one day left, 70 job seekers and 17 employers have responded.  Excel data file will be delivered to Adam Hilliard of Placement Committee on July 13th.

Vendor: Sirota Survey Intelligence

An agreement between Sirota and SIOP is scheduled to be signed on July 12, 2012.  There was a delay in signature due to SIOP’s request to include CE Evaluation in this vendor agreement.  Sirota is not able at this time to accommodate the various committee survey requirements as well as CE evaluations so that requirement for CE evaluations has been removed from the contract.

CE Evaluations:

A vendor needs to be chosen for CE evaluations.  Sirota is not able to accommodate at this time given the resource requirements.  It is recommended that SIOP re-look at how CE evaluations are conducted (e.g. web-based versus paper surveys, pre and post requirements etc.).   We recommend creating a mini-task force over the next several months to address this moving forward.  Mini task force should include CE evaluation committee members as well as IRC members.

IRC Committee Role and Operations

The IRC Committee met via phone prior to the SIOP conference and makes these recommendations:

  • IRC role is to manage the survey execution and manage the relationship between respective committee chair and Sirota.
  • Provide calendar of dates for specific surveys

Calendar of Surveys for Year:

These are the anticipated surveys for the next calendar year – timing needs to be confirmed with AO and respective committee

Survey Timing Committee
LEC  October 2012  LEC Committee
Salary Survey November 2012  Professional Practice
Conference Survey April 2013 Conference Committee
Placement Center Survey April/May 2013 Placement Committee
Membership Survey 2013-2014 (Oct 2013) Membership Committee
LEC  Fall 2013  LEC Committee
Science Advocacy Survey  TBD  Science Advocacy
Ad Hoc  TBD as needed  TBD as requested