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2012-2013 LGBT Ad Hoc Committee Goals

Committee Chair Name: Brian Roote

Date: June 1, 2012

Committee Members (Still Finalizing for July 1st Deadline):

Walter Reichman, Nicholas Salter, Lisa Baranik, Corey Munoz, Larry Martinez, Katina Sawyer, Jake Waldrup, Sarah Lambie, Mark Wernersbach, Matt Schwartz, Gail C. Flanagan, Daniel Gandara, Josh Weaver (student representative).

In April 2003, the Executive Committee of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) established an ad hoc committee on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) research and membership issues. The purpose of establishing this committee was to begin to encourage research on LGBT issues and promote LGBT voice within SIOP.

The LGBT committee has a working Mission Statement, which is:
To increase favorable attitudes and awareness of LGBT issues within SIOP, to encourage research on LGBT issues, and to promote the wellbeing of LGBT professionals in the workplace.

For the 2012-2013 year, we have the following goals:

‘Research’ Subcommittee Goals

Goal: Encourage the dissemination of current research, create dialogue amongst academics and practitioners, and encourage new streams of research.

  1. Action:  Coordinate with SIOP members to ensure LGBTA-related proposals are submitted to SIOP, as well as at least one research symposium.
  2. Action:  Create a “Study of the Month” feature in the SIOP-LGBTA Facebook group that will feature a one-paragraph summary of an LGBTA-related study by SIOP members as well as the author(s) contact information.
  3. Action: Administer the Best LGBTA SIOP Research Award at the 2013 conference.
    • Determine the best method of increasing visibility of the award.
    • Review all eligible submissions to determine the best study.
  4. Action: Collaborate with Out & Equal, an organization committed to ending employment discrimination for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgendered employees, to encourage more research-practitioner collaborations.
    • Submit a workshop proposal for the 2012 Out & Equal Summit.
    • Submit a presentation proposal for the 2013 SIOP Conference.
    • Develop a strategy for creating white papers discussing current research on LGBTA topics conducted by SIOP members.
    • Create a “Study of the Month” feature in the Out & Equal monthly newsletter that will feature a one-paragraph summary of an LGBTA-related study by SIOP members as well as the author(s) contact information.

‘Policy’ Subcommittee Goals

Goal: Partner with organizations and the news media to increase awareness and understanding of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Employment Non-Discrimination Policy Statement.

  1. Action: Revise and resubmit the policy statement to SIOP’s Executive Board incoming, outgoing, and current Presidents, its original author Eden King; as well as obtain a legal review of the policy statement.
  2. Action: Create a whitepaper summary/press release of the policy statement.
  3. Action: Target top media outlets, the APA, and policy makers to highlight the release of the policy statement.
  4. Action: Write a TIP article on the policy statement.
  5. Action: Create a document for SIOP that details the specific guidelines for writing a policy statement.

Goal: Become a standing committee and review a request to change the name of the LGBT committee.

  1. Action: Petition the Executive Board to change the by-laws to allow the LGBT Ad-Hoc committee to become a standing committee.
  2. Action: Vote on whether or not to include “Allies” in the LGBT acronym – “LGBTA Committee”.

‘SIOP Planning’ Subcommittee Goals

Goal: Increase Ally and LGBT participation at the SIOP conference reception, committee meeting, as well as continue to promote informal networking opportunities for our membership.

  1. Action: Plan LGBT dinner
    • Identify a restaurant
    • Make reservations
    • Disseminate information to LGBTA
    • Organize transportation to/from conference hotel
    • Provide information about local bars/clubs and safety
  2. Action: Coordinate LGBT reception activities
    • Coordinate local entertainment
    • Present “High Quality Research” nomination awards
  3. Action: Obtain rainbow stickers for the conference to increase LGBTA visibility

Goal: Partner with LGBTA friendly shelters/ small business Leaders to continue our committee’s outreach efforts by providing job placement and college education coaching sessions

  1. Action: Plan service opportunity
    • Identify an organization at which to volunteer
    • Organize details/expectations of the visit
    • Disseminate information and recruit volunteers
    • Organize transportation to/from conference hotel
    • Follow up with organization to maintain ties and goodwill
  2. Action: Organize Diversity Workshop (in conjunction with CEMA)
    • Identify goals of the workshop and create a curriculum
    • Recruit speakers to present
    • Disseminate information to local small minority run businesses and send out invitations
    • Coordinate with SIOP to retain a room for the workshop

“Social Media” Subcommittee Goals

Goal: Maintain an active online presence to communicate the LGBT Ad Hoc committee’s goals and progress, as well as provide an open forum for our stakeholders.  

  1. Action: Create and maintain a diverse social media portfolio that includes an online presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  2. Action: Work with the research subcommittee to disseminate information including the “Study of the Month” in collaboration with Out & Equal
  3. Action: Disseminate the latest in LGBTA work-related news through the social media portfolio on at minimum a biweekly basis.
  4. Action: Have at minimum 50% of the LGBTA SIOP community create and maintain a profile on mySIOP.
  5. Action: Create a flyer to encourage new SIOP attendees to join the LGBTA facebook page, mysiop, and other online communities.
  6. Action: Create an online logo for the LGBT Ad Hoc Committee