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2012-2013 Fellowship Committee Goals

Submitted by: Jerry Hedge

Date: May 30, 2012

Committee Members:

Cris Banks
Mike Coovert
David Day
Art Gutman
Rick Jacobs
Amy Kristof-Brown
Paul Levy
Scott Tannenbaum
Nancy Tippins

Comment by Chair:


1. Goal: Administer Fellowship nomination and election process.

  • Action: Recruit three new committee members; reenlist remaining six committee members; engage/inform committee members on process; solicit Fellowship nominations from members; conduct evaluation process with committee; prepare report of committee recommendations for election to Fellowship and present to Executive Committee; inform nominators of outcome of election and submit approved nominees to APA and APS as requested.

2. Goal: Plan and carry out activities for Fellows at SIOP conference.

  • Action: Coordinate with Administrative Office announcement of new Fellows in 2013 conference Awards brochure; arrange/invite for Fellows breakfast; acknowledge new Fellows at breakfast and plenary session.

3. Goal: Re-emphasize and clarify fellowship evaluation criteria for committee members

  • Action: Work with committee members to clarify evaluation criteria by area of impact (reseach-based, practice-based, teaching/education-based, service to the community, administration-based).

4. Goal: Strengthen practice-based endorsement process.

  • Action: Work with committee members to re-examine existing practice-base criteria and examples, in order to facititate identification of candidates and strengthen the salience of nomination/endorsement letters.