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2012-2013 Membership Committee Goals and Actions

Members who stay on the committee

Chew, Jimmy
Dorio, Jay M.
Dyer, Naomi G.
Liu, Peter A.
McCune, Elizabeth A.
Melchers, Klaus G.
Moriarty, Karen O.
Seibert, Jerry  W.
Smith-Jentsch, Kimberly A.

New members who start on the committee

Broadfoot, Alison
Colatat, May C.
Guidroz, Ashley M.
Zhan, Yujie
Cline, Jennifer
Filipkowski, Jenna
Darioly, Annick
Liu, Songqi
Deller, Jürgen
Zacher, Hannes
Shi, Junqi
Zaniboni, Sara
Marilena Bertolino

Ad Hoc Subcommittee Members

Adam Hilliard
Mark Nagy
Betsy Shoenfelt
Rose Hanson
Kevin Smith
Dan Sachau
Nora Reilly

1. Goal:  Maintain smooth operation of application evaluation process.

  • Action:  Four new members have been added to the committee.  Will add a few more in the following months.

2. Goal: Complete the report for the membership survey launched in October, 2012. This committee goal supports SIOP goal #3 *Organization of choice of I-O professionals*

  • Action:  Dr. Kimberly Smith-Jentsch, the past committee chair, will stay on the committee and chair a subcommittee, which focuses on finishing the data analysis and providing report for the membership survey.

3. Goal:  Increase the number of MA Level I/O Professionals who renew their memberships. This committee goal supports SIOP goal #3 *Organization of choice of I-O professionals*

  • Action:  A subcommittee will be formed to explore issues related to retaining MA Level I/O Professionals as SIOP members. The subcommittee will be charged to produce a report or document that lays out the issue (e.g., how many MA people do we not retain, how many are there, how do they feel in the organization) and offers some ideas on criteria that could be considered to offer these individuals membership (e.g., so many years of practical experience, presenting at SIOP conference, publishing papers, etc.).

4. Goal:  Continue the SIOP Conference Ambassador Program.

  • Action:  The documents related to the SIOP Conference Ambassador Program have been transited from University of Central Florida (i.e., Dr. Kimberly Smith-Jentsch’s lab) to the current committee chair (i.e., Dr. Mo Wang).  Dr. Wang will try to set up a supporting group to continue this program, including managing the website, selecting ambassadors, conducting phone orientation, matching ambassadors with newcomers, and set up informal meetings at SIOP.  Dr. Wang plans to request a budget from SIOP to set up and run this supporting team.

Mo Wang, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Management, University of Florida