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2012-2013 Placement Center and Jobnet Committee Goals Report

Committee Co-Chair Names: Adam Hilliard and Matt O’Connell

Date: June 1, 2012

Committee Members: Brian Bellinger, Anne Hansen, Raven Worthy, Tracey Drobbin (with 2 more to be added)

  • All of the Placement Center/Jobnet committee goals focus on providing high-quality services to I/O Psychologists and Job seekers that are not found elsewhere. This supports strategic goal 3, specifically, focusing on support for SIOP members in their efforts to study, apply, and teach the principles, findings, and methods of I/O psychology.
  1. Identify Placement Center strengths and weaknesses from the eyes of its customers. Make recommendations for changes, as appropriate.
  • Action: Review data and make recommendation.This year we are rolling out a new online survey which is hung up in programming.  Although delayed, we should have a full evaluation report by end of July.
  1. Grow the number of employers and applicants registering for Placement Center.
  • Action: Research all relevant employers in the Houston area 3 months prior to conference and solicit their interest.  Also, reach out to national organizations that may benefit from employing I/O Psychologists, but are yet unaware of the field of I/O Psychology (Ongoing).  For the applicants, we believe this will be partially addressed with increased efforts of Goal #3.
  1. Improve understanding of Placement Center, better communicating the mission statement, clarifying the differences between JobNet and Placement Center, and informing participants on ways to maximize success.
  • Action: Look for more internal venues to communicate a mission statement; clarify perceptual and functional differences between JobNet and Placement Center; create a new document of tips to be disseminated to participants prior to the conference.
  1. Ensure Placement Center needs are accommodated by SIOP Houston host hotel.
  • Action: Attend Winter Advance and perform a walk-through of location (Early 2013).
  1. Continue to increase functionality and ease of use for the technology used to support Placement Center (most specifically the website).
  • Action: Consolidate lessons learned and feedback from committee members and online survey related to any implementation issues confronted during the ’11 Placement Center (By end of August).
  1. Revisit current staffing policies of the Placement Center to streamline processes, decrease cost, and maximize conference availability for all committee members.
    • Action: This coming year, we will be cutting down the number of volunteers in the Placement Center during certain time slots and cutting down the number of committee members to 1 at all times.
    1. Identify the possibility of evolving Placement Center into a career preparation service to help improve the likelihood of seekers having successes in their job searches, even if not interviewed at the conference.
    • Action: Evaluate the possibility of offering mock interviews provided by seasoned SIOP personnel.  Continue providing on-site presentations on best practice interviewing/networking at the conference for less tenured SIOP members.

    Additional Comments from Chair:

    About half of the committee will be returning for the coming year, but there are still a few more slots to fill due to some last minute changes.  Brian Bellinger has returned for his third and final year, Anne Hansen, Tracey Drobbin, and Raven Worthy are returning for year two, and we are currently looking to add two more committee members to fill the spots currently being vacated.