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2012-2013 Professional Practices Series Committee Goals

Committee Goals and Progress Report

Committee Chair Name: Allen I. Kraut

Date, June 1, 2012

Committee Members: Professional Practice Series, 2012 -2013

  1. Seymour Adler, Aon Consulting
  2. Neil R. Anderson, Brunel University, United Kingdom
  3. Neal M. Ashkanasy, University of Queensland, Australia
  4. C. Harry Hui, University of Hong Kong
  5. Elizabeth B. Kolmstetter, Director of National Intelligence
  6. Allen I. Kraut, Baruch College/Kraut Associates, Series Editor
  7. Kyle Lundby, Global Aspect Human Capital Advisors
  8. William H. Macey, CEB Valtera.
  9. Lise M. Saari, New York University, and Baruch College, CUNY
  10. Handan Sinangil, Marmara University, Turkey
  11. Nancy T. Tippins, CEB Valtera
  12. Michael A. West, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Committee’s Strategic Planning Goals:

Our overarching goal is to support SIOP’s Vision to be recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work, and all of SIOP’s four goals named below. Specifically, the practice-oriented books in the Series, based on good research and science, will help SIOP to be recognized as:

  1. Visible and Trusted Authority on work-related psychology.
  2. Advocate and Champion of I-O psychology to policy makers.
  3. Organization of Choice of I-O professionals.
  4. Model of Integrated Scientist-Practitioner Effectiveness that values research, practice, and education equally and seeks higher standards in all three areas.

Two specific strategic goals were formulated for this committee when it was appointed in mid- 2008 for its five-year term.

  1. Our primary goal over the coming years is to put out a stream of books, at the rate of about two per year, to attract a broader readership of practitioners drawn from I/O psychology practitioners, faculty and students, as well as a greatly increased number from HRM practitioners and policy–makers
  2. Our second strategic goal is to ensure a broad international and global outlook in our Professional Practice Volumes. We expect to do this by having Volume Editors consciously attend to global concerns in their chapter choices and editing, and to include non-US authors (or those with credible overseas experience) as chapter contributors. To further this objective, five of the current 12 members of the Editorial board are from overseas.

Comments from Chair:

We are doing well in our goals of having a wider and more international set of authors and readers, and making good I-O practice more available to potential users. In particular, the Series is producing valuable volumes of leading edge work in I-O psychology.

In the last few months, SIOP Professional Practice Series has gone electronic! This will help to satisfy our goal of being a key outlet for I-O knowledge and an enhanced public image. Largely through the efforts of David Nershi and the Jossey-Bass marketing staff, individual chapters in the Practice Series volumes can now be purchased separately or as part of customized collections that college faculty can use to tailor our work to their needs. Our hard copy books in the Practice Series are now available as e-books! To see how this works go to this link: http://customselect.wiley.com/collection/iopsych

Volumes Recently Published and Underway

The 2012 SIOP Conference marked the debut of a trail-blazing new book, Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability, by Susan E. Jackson, Deniz Ones, and Stephan Dilchert. This is the first SIOP book on the topic of “greening” organizations, and is likely to be of extraordinary importance. It should be of special interest to HRM colleagues, and to faculty who want to begin teaching courses in this area, and it shows I-O’s involvement and potential in this area
Several books are under contract and being put together now.

  • The furthest along is Developing and Enhancing High–Performance Teams: Evidence-based practices and advice, edited by Eduardo Salas, Scott Tannenbaum, Debra Cohen, and Gary Latham. It is based on the 2010 Leading Edge Conference.
  • The Art and Science of Managing Human Resource Projects is being edited by Richard Klimoski, Beverly Dugan, and Carla Messikomer. It should be especially attractive to I-O psychologists and HRM managers who manage large research or practice projects.
  • Cindy McCauley and Morgan McCall are editing Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent, highlighting the role of job experiences in talent management.


The Series contributes to SIOP’s coffers in a significant way. The total royalty amount received for the 6 months ended 2/28/12 was $10,450.59 for the Professional Practice Series. The title with the highest royalty remains Rob Silzer’s Strategy-Driving Talent Mgmt book at $2,773.23. The second highest was Handbook of Workplace Assessment by John Scott with $1,964.12 in royalties. The 3rd place book was Gueutal’s book the Brave New World of HR with $1,753.36 in royalties.

In Closing

The current Editorial Board is entering its fifth and final year, before a new Series Editor and Board take over. We have produced some excellent volumes and started several others. Since it takes about two years from a book’s proposal to publication, some of books the Board deals with this year may not be available for another three years. Nancy Tippins, a member of the current Editorial Board has been appointed as Series Editor in training, and is in an excellent position to move the Series forward.


Respectfully submitted,

Allen I. Kraut
Series Editor
June 1, 2012