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2012-2013 Professional Practice Committee Goals

Submitted by: Tracy Kantrowitz, SHL

Date: June 5, 2012

Committee Members:

Alexander Alonso, Society for Human Resource Management
Amy DuVernet, Furst Person
Anu Ramesh, Aon Hewitt
Cathie Murensky, MolsonCoors
David Morgan, DCI Consulting
Dennis Doverspike, University of Akron
Eric Dunleavy, DCI Consulting
Gary Carter, PDRI
Jamie Lopez, Booz-Hamilton
John Weiner, PSI
Karina Hui-Walowitz, Union Pacific Railroad
Maya Yankelevich, PDRI
Michael Trusty, Rolls-Royce
Rich Tonowski, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Rob Silzer, HR Assessment and Development Inc/Baruch College CUNY
Samantha Morris, Miller Coors
Samantha Ritchie, NovoNovartis

Comment by Chair: The Professional Practice Committee will build on previous committee activities to make substantial contributions to the profession of I/O psychology. Committee activities are designed to impact the education and development of I/O professionals and extend the influence of I/O psychology in the broader community. The goals for 2012 include (not in order of importance):

Goals: (Number each goal and provide a brief description)

  1. Conduct careers study to identify I/O career paths

Description: Execute study as approved by the SIOP executive board to map career paths of I/O psychologists employed in academic and applied work settings. A steering committee composed of representatives from the professional practice, scientific affairs, and education and training committees will oversee the execution of the study.

Committee members: Mike Trusty, Gary Carter, Alex Alonso, Rob Silzer

  1. Develop business acumen competency model

Description: Develop a model of non-technical competencies related to business acumen (e.g., sales, marketing, financial concepts) required for success by practitioners and deliver in an educational format (e.g., preconference program, practitioner consortium, conference session and/or syllabus for graduate practicum).

Committee members: Alex Alonso, Amy DuVernet, Eric Dunleavy, Jamie Lopez, Samantha Morris

  1. Build on mentoring program to include multiple methods

Description: Continue mentoring activities conducted at annual conference and LEC and expand to include additional methods (e.g., virtual mentoring, group mentoring).

Committee members: Samantha Ritchie, Maya Yankelevich, Karina Hui-Walowitz

  1. Deliver and build on practitioner webinar series in conjunction with Visibility committee

Description: Enlist and record webinars on timely topics relevant to practitioners and house on SIOP website, in conjunction with members of the Visibility committee.

Committee members: Cathie Murensky, Amy DuVernet

  1. Support Division 13 in efforts related to coaching competency analysis, certification, and training

Description: Liaise with Division 13; Represent SIOP’s interests in coaching competency analysis, certification needs analysis, and related efforts and identify ways SIOP should represent I/O professionals who provide coaching services.

Committee member: Rob Silzer, Dennis Doverspike

  1. Legal/I-O intersection – develop fact sheets on science-based best practices related to selection and assessment that extend and complement the Uniform Guidelines

Description: Identify areas in which science/research has extended knowledge of practices related to employment assessments beyond the Uniform Guidelines. Develop a set of fact sheets that describes the state of the research and collaborate with EEOC to advance these topics.

Committee members: Eric Dunleavy, Rich Tonowski, Karina Hui-Walowitz, Dennis Doverspike

  1. Collaborate with SHRM to develop SIOP-SHRM educational series on evidence-based HR practices (white papers, webinars). Create a set of “top 10 research findings that all HR practitioner should know” and submit for certification approval for delivery at national and local levels.

Description: Identify white paper authors and work through white paper publication process to publish a set of papers to highlight evidence-based management practices for the SHRM community. Develop SHRM-SIOP webinar series as part of broader SHRM webinar series and present on topics of interest to SHRM members. Create a “top 10” research findings list and submit for approval with HRCI.

Committee members: Anu Ramesh, David Morgan, Alex Alonso, Rich Tonowski, Rob Silzer, Amy DuVernet

  1. Practitioner journal reviews – work with journal editors to develop process for soliciting practitioner reviews on articles

Description: Approach journal editors with ideas on better integrating practitioners into manuscript review process.

Committee members: Alex Alonso, Eric Dunleavy