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Program Committee Goals and Progress Report

Committee Chair: Eden King, George Mason University

Date: 6/1/2012

Committee Members:

Eden King, Chair
Deborah Rupp, Past Chair
Evan Sinar, Chair-in-training

Invited Sessions Subcommittee
Autumn Krauss, Chair Sentis autumn.krauss@sentis.net
Kristin Charles, Amazon kristinc@amazon.com
Sarah Dearmond, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh dearmons@uwosh.edu
Elizabeth McCune, Microsoft mccune.elizabeth@yahoo.com
Matthew Monnot, Pacific Lutheran University monnotmj@plu.edu

Master Collaboration Subcommittee
Dana Dunleavy, Chair AAMC ddunleavy@aamc.org
Alex Alonso, SHRM Alexander.Alonso@shrm.org
Caren Goldberg, American University careng@american.edu
Nick Vasilopoulos, NSA nlvasil@nsa.gov

Sara Jansen Perry, Chair UHD perrys@uhd.edu
Kathryn Keeton, NASA kathrynekeeton@gmail.com
Corina Rice, CSX Transportation corinarice@yahoo.com
Kelly Wilson, Purdue University wilso188@purdue.edu
Emily Hunter, Baylor University emily_m_hunter@baylor.edu

Friday Seminars
Laurent Lapierre, Chair  U of Ottawa, Canada lapierre@telfer.uottawa.ca
Silvia Bonaccio, U of Ottawa, Canada bonaccio@telfer.uottawa.ca
Suzy Fox, Loyola University Chicago sfox1@luc.edu
Russell E. Johnson, Michigan State johnsonr@bus.msu.edu
Rustin Meyer, Georgia Tech rustin.meyer@psych.gatech.edu
Communities of Interest/Interactive Posters
Jessica Nicklin, Chair University of Hartford nicklin@hartford.edu
Ben Walsh, University of Illinois bwals2@uis.edu
Jeffrey Cucina, U.S. Customs and Border Protection jeffery.cucina@cbp.dhs.go
Kara Jeansonne, PDRI kara.jeansonne@pdri.com
Christopher Cerasoli, Group for Organizational Effectiveness chris.cerasoli@groupoe.com

Theme Track
Evan Sinar, Chair Development Dimensions International (DDI) Evan.Sinar@ddiworld.com
Tanya Boyd, Collective Brands, Inc. Tanya.Boyd@collectivebrands.com
Alana Cober, Office of the Director of National Intelligence alana_cober@hotmail.com
Megan Leasher, Macy’s, Inc. megan.leasher@macys.com
Kristen Shockley, Baruch College, City University of New York Kristen.Shockley@baruch.cuny.edu
Emily Stehura, Development Dimensions International (DDI) Emily.Stehura@ddiworld.com
Paul Yost, Seattle Pacific University yostp@spu.edu
SIOP Strategic Goals and Progress:

Vision: “To be recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.”


  1. Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology.
  2. Advocate and champion of I-O psychology to policy makers.
  3. Organization of choice of I-O professionals.
  4. Model of integrated scientist–practitioner effectiveness that values research, practice, and education equally and seeks higher standards in all three areas. 

SIOP Program Committee Strategic Goals:

In an effort to fulfill SIOP’s strategic goals, the following goals underlie the work of our committee:

  1. Create a program that showcases SIOP as the premier association in which to find the most credible and practical information regarding work psychology and business performance.
  2. Ensure the program contains exciting speakers and sessions that will energize the attendees and promote I/O to senior leaders and managers in organizations and government entities worldwide.
  3. Create a program that assures SIOP’s place as the premier association for I/O and related psychology and business professionals.
  4. Create a program appealing to both academicians and practitioners to ensure collaboration, integration, healthy debate, and innovation within the scientist-practitioner model.

Specific Program Committee Goals for 2012-2013:

1. Enhance the quality of presentations at the conference.

  1. In submission process:
    1. Explore the elimination of 110-minute sessions
    2. Revise book series presentation process
    3. Encouraging interactive components
    4. Specify maximum number of presenters
    5. Require time for Q&A
    6. Improve rating criteria
    7. Increase symposium submission requirements/decrease poster requirements
    8. Clarify that first authors should be presenters AND first in terms of scientific contribution
    9. Enhance reviewer pool
      1. Engage program builder in word count and affiliation check
      2. Recognize and thank reviewers more
  2. In invited sessions:
    1. Identify and recruit strong invited speakers
    2. Assemble a compelling slate of speakers for theme track that appeals to both scientists and practitioners
    3. Invite strong presenters for master collaboration session
    4. Provide additional guidance to award winners for their talks
  3. On the presenter’s side:
    1. Provide additional guidance on webpage
    2. Provide modeling through video
    3. Provide checklist for presenters
  4. On the audience member’s side:
    1. Provide additional information about presentations on website so can better choose what to attend
    2. Clarify (again) that information presented must be shared

2. Better integrate and involve international SIOP members.

  1. Work with the International Committee to establish process for determining poster award.
  2. Work with the International Committee to recruit reviewers who are International Members.

3. Improve coordination with APA/APS.

  1. Figure out deadlines to see if we can fill both
  2. Improve wording on CFP and submission page to reduce rejected offers

Additional General Progress Updates from Chair:

  • Committee chairs in place
  • All subcommittee members identified 
  • Training in progress for program-chair-in-training. Continuing to update program chair manual
  • Programming for Friday Seminars, Master Collaboration, and COIs/IPs being defined
  • Topics identified for Thursday Theme Track: Bringing I/O Innovations to Life: Making Our Work Stick in Organizations
  • First TIP article submitted
  • Strategic goals defined
  • Proposal submission deadline set
  • Call for proposals on target for delivery by deadline of June 15
  • Program committee meetings set for October and November