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Organizational Frontiers Series Committee Goals 2005-2006

Submitted by Robert Pritchard, Chair

April 11, 2006





1. Develop a single set of materials describing the Frontiers Series that could be sent to prospective volume editors.  These materials will include the goals of the series, its history, the process from initial proposal to final printed volume, and give examples of how to develop proposals.


2. Continue the development of ongoing Frontiers volumes.

Ongoing, see below.

3. Develop new Frontiers volumes.

Ongoing, see below.

4. Continue the practice of emailing  announcements of new Frontiers volumes to SIOP members, as approved by the Executive Committee. 

Done for recently published volumes.

5.  Continue to facilitate coordination with the Practice series.


 1. Recently Published:

The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior, edited by Ricky Griffin & Anne  OLeary-Kelly, 2004

The Psychological And Organizational Bases Of Discrimination At Work, edited by Robert L. Dipboye & Adrienne Colella, 2005


Situational Judgment Tests:  Theory, Measurement, and Application, Jeff A. Weekley & Robert E. Ployhart, 2006 

2.  In press at Erlbaum:

The Psychology Of Entrepreneurship edited by J. Robert Baum, Michael Frese, &  Robert A. Baron  

3.  Volumes Under Contract

The Psychology of Conflict and Conflict Management in Organizations edited by Carsten K.W. De Dreu and Michele J. Gelfand


Perspectives On Person-Organization Fit edited by Cheri Ostroff & Timothy Judge


Learning, Training, and Development in Organizations, edited by Steve W. J. Kozlowski and Eduardo Salas


Work Motivation, edited by Ruth Kanfer, Gilad Chen, and Robert Pritchard

Team Effectiveness in Complex Organizations and Systems:  Cross-disciplinary perspectives, edited by Eduardo Salas, Jay Goodwin, & C. Shawn Burke  

4.  Approved by Board, Contract in Process 

Commitment in Organizations: Accumulated Wisdom and New Directions, Howard J. Klein, Thomas E. Becker, and John P. Meyer, Editors 

5.  Under Review by Board

Errors in Organizations, Hofmann and Frese 

Approximately every 5 years, the Frontiers Board meets to develop ideas for new volumes.  Such a meeting will be held this year. Travel, lodging and meals cost for this meeting will be approximately $5,000.