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Placement Committee Goal Update

April 2006




  1. Determine how to handle job seekers who are not registered for the Placement Center and interviewers who are not registered for the Conference (but their company is registered for Placement) that want to use the Placement Center. Officially, all users must be registered for the Conference, but in the past, we have been lenient because this has been a very small number of people. Job seekers not registered for Placement are told that they cannot use the computers and are only allowed access to the interview area; this seems the simplest solution. However, 2005 was the first year weve had interviewers not registered for the Conference request access to the Placement Center. Given the large number of these types of requests and the fact that these users do not have badges (so we have no official way of determining if they are from the company they say they are), we need a more formal process for dealing with this. I plan to do some benchmarking with other Placement Centers. It is possible, we may need to add an option for this when Employers register and add an appropriate fee for badging of these interviewers. 

Status: Done. Based on feedback from the Executive Committee, the Placement Center will badge these interviewers this year. We'll include name tags with our usual supplies request and create badges when needed. This should be simpler (we won't have to change the programming for online Placement Center registration), more convenient for the interviewers ("one stop shop") and will help us keep track of how many of these interviewers we have. We can re-address this issue in 2007 if it doesn't work well in 2006 or if there are a lot of interviewers in this category. 

  1. Work with SIOP IT (Larry Nader) to resolve the JobNet/Placement Center cross-over issue. Currently, if you log into the Placement Center and JobNet during the same session, the same jobs appear in both places (while a subset will be same, they will not entirely overlap). You have to close the browser and return to www.siop.org to switch between them. There is a glitch in the programming that needs to be fixed; at a minimum, this needs to be noted in the FAQs and Help documents.

Status: Waiting to determine if this will be an issue this year--Have not had any complaints about this to date. 

  1. Develop an Employer Resource on Tips for Structured Interviewing.

Status: In progress 

  1. Add JobNet advertisement to TIP. We worked out wording but have not seen it yet.

Status: Done. Ad will appear in TIP when there is space. 

  1. Establish a process to ensure that mailbox numbers and Placement Center registration information will NOT appear on the back of badges of anonymous job seekers. (This was a significant problem for several of our anonymous job seekers this year.)

Status: Done prior to last EC meeting. Dave Nershi worked with Larry Nader to ensure that mailbox numbers will not appear on the badges for anonymous job seekers. Anonymous job seekers will need to visit the Placement Center if they cannot remember their mailbox numbers and visit the Registration desk if they want a copy of their registration information. This information will not appear on the back of their badges. 

  1. Include an article in TIP providing tips for job seekers using the Placement Center.

Status: Done. Article appeared in Aprils TIP.