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Professional Development Cluster Report

Submitted by Adrienne Colella

April 25, 2006 

This report highlights the major activities and news of the Professional Development Committees. See each committees report for more detailed information. 

Conference Committee (Donald Truxillo, Chair) 

  • Content: The Conference Committee has focused on integrating cross-disciplinary work and international I-O into the program. The Sunday seminars are focused on interdisciplinary work and there will be I-O psychologists from non-US associations speaking at the plenary session.
  • Technology Advances: The personalized program on the website is now completed. The use of specialized networking software to allow conference attendees to connect with each other was explored and dropped because it was judged not to have much added value relative to the costs. A video of the plenary session will be available online.
  • Conference Logistics: The conference committee worked quite hard to negotiate exhibition space and favorable meeting rooms which were less than ideal in the Dallas Adams Mark.
  • Finances: Conference fees were raised this year to ensure that the 2006 conference provides a 5-10% respondibility margin to SIOP. The following increases were made:
    • Members, pre-registered: $10
    • Members, on site registration: $15
    • Non-members: $30 (pre-registered) & $40 (on-site)
  • Sponsors were added to cover increased technology costs.
  • Future Planning: Detailed plans are underway for New York 2007. RFPs for 2012 are being reviewed. The three day conference will begin in San Francisco, 2008.

Program Committee (Julie Olson-Buchanan, Chair)

  • Call for Proposals and Submissions: The Call for Proposals was revamped to clarify many issues which have raised questions over the years. Most notably, Session/Format types were overhauled and clarified.
  • COI Sessions: Evaluation was done on last years Community of Interest (COI) sessions and found them to be lacking. Several steps are being taken to improve them at this years conference. Procedures for Interactive Poster Sessions were also fine-tuned based on feedback from last years conference.
  •  Invited and Non-reviewed Sessions: The budget for invited speakers was doubled to $6000. A process was worked out to formally evaluate requests for non-reviewed sessions. This will be done by the Program Committee and okayed by the Executive Committee.
  • Reviewers: The number of reviewers was significantly increased by allowing for more student reviewers who meet strict criteria. This was done after a pilot study conducted last year which showed that student reviewers were as competent as member reviewers. Steps were also taken to increase the number of Expert Reviewers and reviewers for traditionally underrepresented topics.
  • It was decided that serving as a session chair counts toward the rule of three.

Education & Training Committee (Steven Rogelberg, Chair) 

  • Consortia: The doctoral Consortium is rolling along smoothly. Planning for the Masters Consortium is done and will be presented at the EC meeting to get the go ahead for the 2007 conference.
  • The Lecture Series to promote the diversity of SIOP and reach out to underrepresented populations is currently being implemented. This project is funded by the SIOP Foundation.
  • Teaching Aids: A teaching resources website is being developed and tested at the SIOP conference using a Wiki-website format.
  • High School Teacher Outreach: E&T is working with TOPSS to create some I-O materials to distribute on the web and as posters.
  • Benchmarking Study of Undergraduate Concentrations in I-O: The data has been collected and analysis is ongoing. Results will appear in TIP.

Workshop Committee (Joan Brannick, Chair) 

  • The workshops are ready to go on. There will fourteen this year.

Continuing Education Committee (Judy Blanton, Chair) 

  • Chose 3D Group as the vendor to provide evaluation of sessions. They have done a good job.
  • CE beyond the SIOP Conference: CE credits were given for the SIOP Leadership Conference in October. A home study CE program ahs been developed (in conjunction with E&T) and is now being implemented.

Professional Practice Series (Janine Waclowski & Allan Church, Editors)

I have not received any information.