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2007-2008 Year End Report of the SIOP Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee had a busy and successful year! As of the end of this year, 1 of subcommittee has been ended and 6 remain active. A listing of the goals (established at the beginning of the year) and the progress toward them for each of the active subcommittees is provided below. Additionally, the Education and Training Committee will be hosting an open forum session at this years conference program; this session is also described below.
Goals and Progress for Subcommittees that Ended During the Year
Materials for Introductory Psychology
Chair: Zinta Byrne
In September of 2006 SIOP a set of SIOP members were called together in Chicago to do some strategic planning for the society. A small group working on setting strategic goals regarding visibility tasked adopted the goal of getting I-O content into introductory psychology courses at both the high school and undergraduate levels. It was decided that SIOP could make a set of materials available to those teaching these courses to facilitate the inclusion of I-O into introductory courses. The small group tasked the Education and Training Committee with collecting information on the types of materials that would be most useful to instructors of introductory psychology courses. This subcommittee was charged with collecting this information. Specifically, the charge of this subcommittee was to collect information (likely through a survey) about (a) what materials would be helpful for instructors, (b) preferences for delivery method, and (c) how best to make instructors aware of the availability of this information.
After the establishment of this sub-committee it was discovered that there was a considerable degree of overlap between this subcommittee and a subcommittee of the Scientific Affairs committee being chaired by Stephanie Payne. After discussions with Stephanie Payne, it was decided that we would end our committee and pass along the change to the previously established Scientific Affairs subcommittee.
Goals and Progress for the Active Subcommittees
Teaching Aids (Wiki Website)
Chair:  Michael Horvath
Goals: Maintain and increase the SIOP Teaching Wiki website’s content (i.e., syllabi, in-class activities, and out-of-class projects) and promote the SIOP Teaching Wiki website to potential users.
This subcommittee was hampered once again by unanticipated problems with the SIOP website. There are frequent problems with the site and various advertising attacks on the site require considerable work to maintain the integrity of the site. This subcommittee is working on a proposal to transition the Wiki site to an outside vendor. That proposal will be submitted to the executive committee in the very near future. The transition should make the site much more user friendly and reduce the maintenance efforts required from the committee so that they can focus their efforts on developing and promoting the site.
Mike Horvath has stayed on as chair of this committee despite that fact that his term of service was supposed to end last year; we needed him to stay on given his expertise with the site. We have now recruited some new members to this committee and are preparing the transition of leadership. Mike has done a wonderful job through some trying times and his diligent service has been much appreciated.
Consulting Skills Acquisition
Chair: Marcus Dickson
Goal: Assess the current state of education and training in consulting and business skills in US I-O master's and Ph.D. training programs, and to compare this with employers' perceptions of the preparedness of new I-O Ph.D.s in terms of the basic business and consulting skills.
In 1999, the Education and Training Committee of SIOP developed a set of guidelines for doctoral level education in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The authors of the document identified 25 competency areas, with the first of these areas entitled Consulting and Business Skills (see http://www.siop.org/PhDGuidelines98.aspx for a full definition). The charge of this subcommittee is to examine the state of education on this competence area within I-O doctoral programs. Specifically, this subcommittee is tasked with surveying I-O doctoral and MA programs to identify: (a) how many programs actively teach consulting skills, (b) the methods for teaching consulting skills, and (c) the specific skills being taught. This subcommittee is also tasked with surveying a set of practitioner organizations to identify: (a) the consulting skills expected for new PhD and MA recipients and (b) the extent to which their recent hires at these levels possessed acceptable levels of these skills. Finally, the subcommittee is tasked with using the information from the surveys to identify areas where training programs need to improve with respect to training consulting skills. The outcome of this subcommittees work will be an article for TIP.
Marcus has established this committee and has done some important initial work. The committee is in the process of developing the survey and looking into vendors for delivery. As Marcus will be taking over as Chair of the Education and Training Committee, he will transition the leadership of this subcommittee to someone else.
Ambassadors Program
Chair:  Needed
Goal:   Continue to build awareness of the I-O Ambassador’s program both within the I-O community and across academic psychology departments as a whole and have the first actual ambassador visits to academic departments during the fall, 2007 semester.
In the fall of 2007, an email message was sent to the COGDOP listserv to make psychology department chairs aware of the program. Apparently, there were some requests for speakers. However, I am unaware if any visits have been made and, if they have, if those visits have been well received. The lack of a formal structure for tracking the ambassadors and requests for speakers as well as the lack of follow-up after a visit has lead to some conclusion about the viability of this subcommittee. In the January Executive Committee meeting, it was decided that this subcommittee should be ended. Marcus Dickson (the incoming E&T chair) and I discussed this recommendation and came to the consensus that the decision may be premature; we believe that there is an important role for the ambassadors program. We discussed the issues with Lois Tetrick and Adrienne Colella and decided that we would write a proposal for improvements to the program, primarily involving the development of a tracking system. Marcus will take on this task next year. A chair needs to be identified for this subcommittee.
Masters Student Consortium
Chair:  Dan Sachau
Goal:  Expand the Master's Consortium from four sessions to six sessions
The MA student consortium has been a fantastic success. The goal of expanding the consortium was not able to be met this year given constraints within the hotel. The plan, however, is to seek to expand it next year in New Orleans. Dan Sachau has done a wonderful job with developing and implementing the consortium.
High School Teachers Outreach and Workshops
Chair:  Elise Amel
Goals: Complete the development of the High School Outreach workshops and advertise the program
TOPPS requested that E&T look at and update their slides on I-O psychology that have been put together for High School teachers. This committee responded to that request. They are now working to have TOPPs post their slide show on the web and to expand the information a bit to include some interesting case studies.
In addition, Doug Maynard, Carrie Bulger and Elise Amel presented a workshop for high school teachers at APA in San Francisco. They reported that the session was well attended and the teachers were very enthusiastic about what they could take back to their students. 

This subcommittee is also in the process of creating a poster to go along with the 7-day course plan (that is still in the works).  The poster will link standard intro psych chapters (e.g., methods, cognition, social, etc.) with typical I-O activities (e.g., diagnosing org problems, training, leadership, respectively). The 7-day course plan is still in progress...we finally got feedback from a bunch of high school teachers.  As a result, we need to redo the leadership chapter to be more accessible to high school students. 
Grad Student Grant Writing Training Module
Chair: Nathan Kuncel
Grant writing is becoming increasingly important element of academic life. Traditionally, I-O psychologists have not felt this pressure to the same extreme as psychologists engaged in other areas of study. However, I-O psychologists are increasingly feeling the need to obtain grant funding to support their research initiatives and graduate students. As such, it seems appropriate for SIOP to do what it can to help graduate students learn how to obtain grants. This subcommittee is charged with developing a set of self-study materials for advanced graduate students. The materials should deal with issues such as identifying grant opportunities, writing grants (i.e., tone, scope, level of detail, etc), and perhaps even managing grants. The outcome of this committee will be a set of self-study materials (perhaps a power point presentation with associated notes).
Little progress has been made by this committee to date.
Hosted/Sponsored SIOP Sessions
Special Event
Title: Education and Training in I-O Psychology: Open Meeting of Educators
Abstract: Each year the Education and Training Committee and the Long Range Planning Committee host an open meeting with directors of I-O graduate programs and others who have interest in educating the next generation of I-O psychologists. Bring your issues, concerns, and questions and participate in the discussion.
Hosts: Eric D. Heggestad    University of North Carolina Charlotte
Donald Truxillo    Portland State University