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Institutional Research Committee Report

March 21, 2008
Bob Lewis, chair
The Institutional Research Committee establishes policies regarding SIOP's participation in surveys and third party research including the use and disposition of data.  The committee has two objectives.  First, to maximize the value to SIOP of the surveys it sponsors (e.g., salary, career, and member practice surveys) by defining how the data are archived, accessed, and used.  The second is to guide SIOP interactions with third party researchers who wish to use SIOP data or collect data from SIOP members for research purposes.
The Institutional Research Committee is a new, ad-hoc committee established in February, 2008.
·         Committee chair identified (Bob Lewis)
·         Potential members contacted (mid-March)
·         First meeting (phonecon) currently being scheduled tentatively for late April
o        In this meeting we will confirm committee membership, brainstorm an initial set of goals/actions, and clarify our objectives.