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Update on the I-O Track for APS

Submitted posters and symposia have now been reviewed and decisions on the program have been finalized. There were 86 posters submitted, and 3 symposia to the I/O track. 83 posters were accepted, and 6 were rejected (some were moved from different tracks that weren't counted in the original 86.) 1 symposium was accepted, 1 was rejected, and 1 was reassigned as a poster. 
There are a number of invited talks as well.
3 Invited Talks for a Special Track on “Learning, Competitiveness, and Achievement” that I put together with Sian Bellock.  
  • Michael Frese (Learning from errors by individuals and organizations) 
  • Daniel Ilgen (Team learning: Much more than raising individual learning models to the team level) 
  • Amy Edmonson (Team and organizational learning) 
4 Invited  Addresses (25 Minute Talks with 5 minute breaks):
  • Richard Arvey (National University of Singapore; bizra@nus.edu.sg): “Behavioral genetics and organizational psychology”
  • Jeffrey Edwards (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; jredwards@unc.edu): “The Accumulation of Knowledge in Person-Environment Fit Research”
  • Michelle (Mikki) Hebl (Rice University; hebl@rice.edu) “Interpersonal Discrimination and Its Remediation”
  • Ann Marie Ryan (Michigan State University; ryanam@msu.edu) “Not much more than the patently obvious? A critical look at applicant perceptions research” 
2 80 minute symposia (with 10 minute breaks)
  • Symposium #1: Dynamical Modeling of Organizational Phenomena: Team Performance, Leadership, and Organizations. Chaired by Paul Hanges (phanges@psyc.umd.edu)  
    • Richard P. DeShon (Michigan State University); The emergence of team performance through self-regulation dynamics 
    • Mary Uhl-Bien (University of Nebraska) & Russ Marion (Clemson University); Complexity Leadership: Exploring the Dynamics of Leadership in Complex Organizations 
    • Paul J. Hanges & Andrew Schmidt (University of Maryland); Gender Bias and Leadership: A Catastrophe Model of Changes in Perceptions 
    • James K. Hazy (Adelphi University); Modeling leadership in organizations: Exploring nonlinear dynamics and complexity using computer simulations
  • Symposium #2: New Frontiers in Research on Aggression in Organizations, Chaired by Theresa Glomb (tglomb@umn.edu)
  • Lilia M. Cortina (Departments of Psychology and Women's Studies, University of Michigan)
  • Anne M. O'Leary-Kelly (Department of Management, University of Arkansas)
  • Julian Barling (Department of Organizational Behavior, Queen's University)
  • E. Kevin Kelloway (Department of Management, Saint Mary's University) 
I also plan to host an APS I-O happy hour at a conference bar with all of these speakers.