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Conference Committee Goals and Progress Report Form 2007-2008


Douglas Pugh

March 25, 2008

End of Year Goals Report
Committee Members:
            Jeff McHenry, Past President
            Lois Tetrick, SIOP President
Steven Rogelberg, Program Chair
            John Cornwell, Site Selection
            Suzanne Tsacoumis, Workshops
            Mindy Bergman & Larissa Linton, Placement
            Edie Goldberg, Local Arrangements
            Joerg Dietz, Volunteer Coordinator
            Dave Nershi, Executive Director
            Julie Olson-Buchanan, Conference Chair-in-training
            Doug Pugh, Conference Chair
The conference committee has put in a tremendous amount of work this year in order to successfully manage the transition to our first full 3-day conference. I want to thank all of the committee members for their hard work and dedication to SIOP.  Two individuals, in particular, merit additional comments. First, Steven Rogelberg, in his role as Program Chair, not only carried out the highly demanding duties that all program chairs face, but he also chaired the Advance taskforce which laid out the new direction for the conference, facilitated the implementation of those new directions (e.g., theme tracks), and played a key role in the introduction of the new conference programming software. Steven’s efforts will leave a lasting impression on the conference for years to come. And second, David Nershi, in his role as Executive Director, has overseen the notable growth in conference attendance, development of numerous new sponsorship and revenue streams, countless small conference enhancements, and continued professionalization of the management of the conference. It’s a pleasure to be associated with people who work so hard for this organization.
Below is a summary of the conference committee’s goals for 2007-2008 and our progress toward those goals.
Strategic Planning Goals: (Original Goals are in italics, updates below each goal)
  1. Present the world’s best conference on workplace psychology by featuring cutting edge work in science, practice, and education.
SIOP Strategic Planning Goal: Primarily, Goal 3, Organization of Choice of I-O Professionals (through effects on member satisfaction and retention). Additionally, Goal 1 (Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology), and Goal 4 (Model of integrated scientist-practitioner effectiveness—see, for example, keynote speaker information below).
A.     Successfully manage and actively promote the transition to a 3-full-day conference in 2008
·        Done. Program changes were orchestrated by Steven Rogelberg, Program Chair. See SIOP Advance Task Force document for full details on changes in program structure. Changes are being communicated via multiple media: emails, call for proposals, TIP articles, and the newly introduced electronic newsletter.
·        Conference will close with 2nd plenary address by Tony Rucci, followed by a wine-tasting reception. Both events are intended to bring all members together at the end of the conference, serving as a “bookend” to the Presidential address which opens the conference.
B.      Feature innovative sessions that are relevant, forward looking, and cutting-edge.
·        Suzanne Tsacoumis’s workshop committee developed a terrific lineup of 15 workshops in the context of uncertainty as to how the workshops would be impacted by new 3-day format. Registration trends suggest workshop attendance will be negatively impacted by the format change, but not to a dramatic extent.
·        As part of new program format, there will be mini-themes consisting of back-to-back sessions on both Thursday and Saturday. Thursday’s theme focuses on the topic of occupational health, Saturday’s theme is the state of I/O education.
·        Friday seminars (formerly Sunday Seminars) appear to be very popular, with greatly increased registration.
2.      Continue to develop and refine innovations to make the 2007 Conference a great member experience.
SIOP Strategic Planning Goal: Goal 3, Organization of Choice of I-O Professionals (through effects on member satisfaction and retention). 
A.     Explore new uses of technology and other innovations to enhance member satisfaction with the conference.
·        As in previous years, all conference sessions will continue to be recorded and offered on SIOP website via streaming audio. Conference attendees can access for free, non-attendees can pay for access to all sessions or on a per-session fee. Presidential address will be available via video streaming. 
·        Electronic posters were discussed (papers available on website before conference) but not implemented this year.

B.      Examine San Francisco location to facilitate logistics for members

·        Two conference committee meetings were held in San Francisco. The facilities will be adequate for our needs.
·        A post-conference, wine country tour is being offered on Sunday following the conference. This is a new event.
·        SIOPen golf tournament will happen again this year. Ron Landis is managing this event.
·        Fun Run was arranged. Paul Sackett and Kevin Williams are coordinating.

C.     Other Conference Innovations

·        We will be using more student volunteers, and fewer paid contract workers, at registration and placement. We believe this will produce a better member experience (student volunteers more intrinsically motivated than temp help) and cost SIOP the same or perhaps less than hiring outside workers.
·        On-site data collection. Over the years we have been woefully inadequate in collecting and using data about member experiences at the conference. This year, we will begin to collect data. Session chairs will fill out brief questionnaires asking about attendance and logistics at their sessions. A one-shot data collection effort will occur at the closing plenary session, asking 4-5 short questions about the attendee’s overall conference experience.

D.     Continue to Focus on our Constituents

The conference committee is, by necessity, heavily focused on our constituents. We note, however, the following issues:
·        Conference survey. Survey was conducted by Questar, and report on the survey was presented at the January EC meeting.
·        On-site data collection will occur (see above).
·        Post-conference survey will be coordinated by the incoming conference chair, the fabulous Julie Olson-Buchanan.
E.     Enhance opportunities for networking and feelings of inclusiveness for all members.
·        We will continue to promote the newcomer, International, CEMA, and LGBT receptions. LGBT silent auction will occur at the conference this year.
·        Reviewers will again be recognized by a symbol on their badges
3.      Maintain communication and outreach with membership regarding issues such as:
·        Changes in program/scheduling
·        Member communications about Conference planning decisions and Conference goals
·        Conference activities and events
·        Outreach to all members, e.g., international members, minority members
SIOP Strategic Planning Goal: Primarily, Goal 3, Organization of Choice of I-O Professionals (through effects on member satisfaction and retention). 
We have and will continue to keep members updated through TIP articles and, when necessary, emails (as approved by the president)
  1. Ensure that the 2008 Conference provides a 65-75% return on expenses to SIOP. This may include:
·        Some increases in registration fees, although any increase is likely to be minor.
·        Developing opportunities for sponsors to reach our members while being responsive to member concerns about the commercialization of the Society and Conference.
SIOP Strategic Planning Goal: Primarily, Goal 3, Organization of Choice of I-O Professionals (via the responsible financial management of SIOP). 
Prior progress report outlined changes to and challenges with budget. Lower ROE expected due to extreme costs in San Francisco. As of the time of writing this report, attendance figures appear to be strong and budget is on track with that proposed.
Sponsors. David Nershi reports a record-breaking year in terms of booth sponsorship. This is great news, given the economy and worries of reduced attendance due to the west coats location. The AO continues to develop creative sponsorship opportunities that help the conference financially, help our sponsors reach our members, and are sensitive to member concerns about  commercialization. New this year, we have sponsors for, for example, the cyber café.
  1. Sign contract for 2013 conference site and issue RFP for 2014.
SIOP Strategic Planning Goal: Primarily, Goal 3, Organization of Choice of I-O Professionals
Status:  A contract has been signed with the Houston Hilton for 2013. An RFP for 2014 and possibly 2015 will be issued on following the 2008 conference. The site selection committee (Dave Nershi, John Cornwell) decided to delay releasing the RFP in order to put more up to date registration figures for the 2008 conference into the RFP document.