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Fellowship Committee

March 21, 2008

George P. Hollenbeck, Fellowship Committee Chair, 2007-2008

End of Year Report

1. We are delighted to report that the Online Fellowship Nomination Tool worked well, if not seamlessly.  There seems to be widespread agreement that the number of nominations received would have been impossible to handle with the old paper and pencil process.  Despite the glitches, nobody wants to go back!! Special kudos go to Ahmad Awad of the SIOP Office for his patience and flexibility--it is not easy for SIOP Fellow Nominators to adapt to a new system!! 

2. Nominators and Nominees have been notified of the EC decisions and a pre-Plenary Breakfast is planned for San Francisco.

3. The SIOP Website and Administrative Manual have been modified to reflect the new procedures; a new calendar of Fellowship Committee Events has been included in the Administrative Manual..

4. An extensive Working Memo awaits the incoming Fellowship Committee Chair so that she will be able to hit the ground running.  Among the recommendations is that the Fellowship Committee be reconstituted to 10 rather than this year's 15 members.

5. Given that a large number of Fellow nominations may turn out to be the norm rather than the exception, the new Chair's main issues will be adminstering the process and the extensisve communications required when there are large numbers of rejections.