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Historian Committee

Scott Highhouse

Scan the oldest TIPs into a scannable electronic database
My graduate research assistant, Kevin Nolan, has scanned in TIPs from 1964 through the 1980s. He is working with the SIOP office to create a searchable index that could be linked to the SIOP web site. People could download pdfs for specific issues of interest in their historical research.

Examine historical trends in graduate training programs in I-O (e.g., number of I-O programs, location, duration , etc).
I dropped the ball on this one. Maybe next year.

Continue with the Oral History Project, by identifying potential interviewees and arranging interviews.
I have had some contact with Paul Muchinsky about tape recordings of Joe Tiffin. I will follow up on that. I am asking that my committee members keep their eyes out for old-timers in their area who may be willing to give them an oral history.

In addition to the above goals, Mike Zickar and I are alternating contributions to the *History Corner* column in TIP. We have received good feedback on these articles--At least some people find them interesting.