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State Affairs Committee


March 2008
Judith Blanton
The State Affairs Committee is finalizing an update of a spreadsheet that summarizes licensing laws and regulations by State. I will discuss posting this on our website with David. 
The SIOP Model Act committee (SIOP Council Representatives to APA and me) put together a response to the APA Model Act Draft. We raised a number of major issues. These are being considered as the next draft is developed. The next draft of the Model Act is likely to be delayed and will not be available until next fall. The issue of removal of “exemption” for I-O psychologists needs additional discussion. 
We are also discussing how SIOP could be more involved in the Psychologically Healthy Workplace initiative sponsored by APA. Each state association has its own PHW initiative and then there is a national effort. Because few SIOP members are involved at the State Association level, we are discussing alternate ways for our involvement. In addition, we are discussing ideas to increase involvement of SIOP members at the State Association level. This would allow us to have greater influence in any modification of State laws and regulations. Lois Tetrick has suggested that we might involve students in this activity. 
Last fall I attended the Association of State and Provincial Boards of Psychology meeting that was held in Colorado Springs as the liaison from SIOP. We were able to obtain support from ASPPB and the National Register that puts together a list of “designated” proved psychology programs to involve an I-O psychologist to assist this group review programs for approval. We have been asked to nominate some I-O psychologists in the D.C. Area for this task. The advantage of being able to have ASPPB-National Register “designation” would be to greatly ease licensure for those who want this.
California CPA is considering a fall 2008 conference for business leaders that would provide a program that would illustrate the contribution that I-O and Consulting Psychologists could make to business. The I-O division of the CPA has tentative agreement from Hewlett Packard to host this event and will be discussing the issue with the SIOP Visibility Committee at the annual convention.   
Possible issues for Discussion at Council
  • SIOP participation the Psychologically Healthy Workplace – with individuals working at the State Level and the possibility of SIOP being involved as SIOP at the State or National level. 
  • Nomination of individuals as consultants to the ASPPB-National Register to advise them on review of I-O programs. 
  • Continued discussion of licensure issues. There will be time on the Convention program to discuss certification and licensure. In addition, Lois is checking into possibilities for funding of a “summit” with other APA divisions of non-Health Care providers to discuss larger issues of certification and licensure.