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TIP Committee Members and Progress Report Form


Committee Chair Name: Wendy S. Becker

Date: March 22, 2008

Goals Report

x Progress Report


Committee Members:

Derek Avery (Diversity report)
            Tara Behrend (Graduate Student)
            Stuart C. Carr (Pro-Social, Global Issues)
            Marcus Dickson (Good Science-Good Practice)
            Eric Dunleavy (Legal Issues)
            Amy DuVernet (Graduate Student)
            Arthur Gutman (Legal Issues)
Clara Hess (Graduate Student)
Scott Highhouse (History)
            Jennifer Lindberg (Graduate Student)
Jamie Madigan (Good Science-Good Practice)
            David Pollack (Conferences & Meetings)
Reanna Poncheri (Graduate Student)
            Sylvia G. Roch (Teaching Forum)
Anna L. Sackett (Graduate Student Editorial Assistant)
Lori Foster Thompson (Spotlight on I-O organizations)
Jane Vignovic (Graduate Student)
Michael Zickar (History)
Updates or Comments from Chair:
  1. We featured information about the annual conference in the October 2007 and January 2008 issue. Completed.   
  2. Two additions have been made to the Editorial Board (Stuart Carr—‘Pro-Social I-O-Quo Vadis?’ and Sylvia Roch—‘The Academics’ Forum’). Completed.
  3. Graduate students have been added as regular contributors to TIP (Tara Behrend, Amy DuVernet, Clara Hess, Jennifer Lindberg, Reanna Poncheri, Jane Vignovic – TIP-TOPics for Students and Anna Sackett – IOTAs). Completed.
Wendy S. Becker