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Visibility Committee Goals and Progress Report Form


Committee Chair: Doug Reynolds

Update: 3/14/08
Committee Membership and Membership Changes:
Doug Reynolds, Joel Philo, Chris Rotolo, Rebecca Orbach (student member), Ben Dattner, Joan Brannick, Anuradha Chawla, Becca Baker, Annette Towler (and her external awards subcommittee). 
We are pleased to announce that Chris Rotolo will be assuming the Chair role in 08-09.
Visibility Committee Goals (2007-08):
1.      Objective: gain visibility with targeted audiences (placing a differential focus on psychology at large, human resources professionals and business leaders)
a.      Goal: Work with the AO to generate press releases, web content, etc. to push key messages to target audiences. (Ongoing)
b.      Goal: Complete a brochure for possible entrants to the field (Complete: 8/08)
c.       Goal: Market the Fall Conference (Complete)
d.      Goal: Submit SIOP members for external awards (Ongoing)
e.      Goal (NEW): propose a webinar for undergraduates on I/O psych. (Proposed and approved in January, to be conducted in September).
2.      Objectives: get I/O stories into the media: Develop relationships with targeted media channels (e.g., APA Monitor, Fast Company magazine)

a.      Goal: Hold a pre-conference luncheon for the press (Completed 3/7/08)

3.      Objective: Define tools and processes to institutionalize visibility efforts
a.      Goal: Develop and maintain a repeatable committee process that focuses on target audiences, appropriate media channels, and key messages.
b.      Goal: Hire a PR/Marketing firm (Complete: 10/07)
c.       Goal: Finalize and monitor visibility metrics (Draft metrics complete: 9/07)
4.      Objective: Coordinate & collaborate with other SIOP committees on visibility-related issues
a.      Goal: Create Visibility user group on a private access website (Complete 8/07)
b.      Goal: Coordinate undergraduate webinar content with E&T committee.
Each of these committee goals relates to the first SIOP Strategic Priority, i.e., SIOP will become the visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology.

2007-2008 progress
Objective, Goal(s)
Current Progress
1, a, c. 
Worked with LEC team to create press release and communication documents for marketing the Fall consortium. Completed.
1, b.
Completed student brochure; this has been produced and was announced in TIP. The document may be downloaded from SIOP.org.
1, d.
The external awards committee has re-nominated Dr Ben Schneider for the Distinguished Scientific Award for the Application of Psychology (he was not selected); Jim Outtz was re-nominated for the Levinson consulting award (he didn’t win either). 
1, e.
The committee defined one new goal for the year: to propose and conduct a webinar on I/O psychology for undergraduates. A brief proposal and action item was developed for EC consideration at the January meeting and this was approved. The team decided to schedule the event for the early Fall, when students have the most schedule flexibility. Planning will begin in the Spring.
2, a.
The second annual Press Luncheon was held in NYC on 3/7/08. A dozen or more reporters attended the event along with about seven SIOP members and Visibility Committee representatives.
3,a, b
A marketing/PR firm was selection to assist SIOP with publicity and branding issues. The team is working with the firm to finalize a proposal for a process that will allow SIOP members to submit ideas for generating publicity.
3, a, b.
We are currently developing a “Townhall” session for the annual conference. This session will review this year’s progress and gather ideas for next year’s work.
4, b.
We will be coordinating with Education and Training Committee regarding proposed webinar.