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Update on SIOP Journal: “Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice”

Paul Sackett, Editor
1. Editorial transition
I’m about to complete my term as editor. I was named as editor in January 2006, and the editorial term included a roughly two-year process of developing the concept for the journal, soliciting bids from publishers, selecting a publisher, and moving to the production of the first issue, which appeared in March 2008. My term includes seeing the journal through Volume 2. While SIOP has selected Cynthia McCauley as my successor as editor, my work on completing Volume 2 will continue until roughly July, while Cynthia is already at work on identifying authors and topics for Volume 3.
It’s been a most interesting challenge to start a journal from scratch, and I’m grateful to SIOP for the opportunity. I’m thrilled with the choice of Cynthia as my successor; the journal is in very good hands.
2. Journal content
Volume 2 is well underway. Issue 1 is due to arrive any day, Issue 2 is in production, the call for commentaries for Issue 3 has been issued, and the focal articles for Issue 4 will be posted for comment on or about May 1.
Issue 1: Nancy Tippins on internet testing (with 12 commentaries), and Ruth Kanfer on work motivation (with 8 commentaries).   
Issue 2: George Hollenbeck on executive selection (with 7 commentaries), and Jerry Greenberg on justice (with 9 commentaries).
Issue 3: Sandra Davis and Doug McKenna on coaching, and Michael Frese, Neil Anderson, and Miriam Erez on innovation (note that both of these build from the SIOP Leading Edge consortia).
Issue 4: Rob Silzer and Allan Church on leadership potential, and Kevin Murphy on misuses of content validity.
Each of the eight issues in the first two volumes issues contains a focal article with a professional practice perspective and with authorship representation from the practice world.