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Institutional Research Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair: Bob Lewis

March 24, 2009

¨ Goals Report
x Progress Report
Committee Members:
Rob Kabacoff, Mark Schmit, Cynthia Hedricks, Steve Hunt, Paul Chan

  1. Maximize the value to SIOP of the surveys (salary, career, member practice, etc.) by defining how the data are archived such that they can be reliably retrieved and mined for insights. 
Action: Determine how and when surveys have been used in the past and the manner in which they’ve been archived. Define any changes needed and ensure a standing body in SIOP maintains responsibility for them.
Progress October, 2008: No progress on this item; will be discussed and action items assigned at committee conference call on 10/16/08.
Progress: January, 2009: Committee members are assembling a calendar of current surveys and are tracking past surveys. Aim is to complete a calendar by April, 2009
Progress: March, 2009: In progress; on schedule to meet April 2009 goal.
  1. Guide SIOP interactions with third party researchers who wish to use SIOP data or collect data from SIOP members.
Action: Develop the principles by which SIOP permits the membership to be surveyed or accessed as participants in research studies. Ensure a standing body at SIOP reviews research requests.
Progress October, 2008: Committee members are gathering data policies from their employers, universities, government committees, other professional societies, and companies to determine best practices. Findings will be discussed at committee conference call on 10/16/08.
Progress January, 2009: Documents have been shared on our website and we are targeting a very rough draft to be complete in April with further editing by July.
Progress March, 2009: More documents have been collected; on target for draft in April, 2009.
Institutional Research Committee goals support SIOP’s third and fourth strategic planning goal by ensuring that key streams of data regarding SIOP members are available for research as appropriate and data are used to ensure SIOP programs and support are valued by members.