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Visibility Committee Progress Report Form

Committee Chair: Christopher Rotolo



Update: 03/18/09

Committee Membership by Subgroup:
Branding Subgroup: Christopher Rotolo, Anna Erickson, Uma Iyer, Anuradha Chawla, Doug Reynolds, Joan Brannick
HR/Business Subgroup: Joan Brannick, Lorin Mueller, Ken Lahti, Emily Solberg, Eric Gerber
Students/AcademiaRebecca Baker, Uma Iyer, Lauren Simon, Sylvia Hysong
Visibility MetricsAnna Erickson, Chris Rotolo, Joel Philo
Media OutreachBen Dattner, Anna Erickson, Lorin Mueller, Ken Lahti, Emily Solberg, Anuradha Chawla, Eric Gerber
Visibility Committee Mission, Objectives, and Goals (2008-09):
Visibility Mission: To gain visibility with our target audiences through a variety of channels and tactics in order to help I-O Psychologists (and SIOP) be recognized as the premier professionals committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.
1.      Objective: Realign PR & Branding Priorities/Strategy with Marketing General (MG)
a.       Goal: Ensure alignment between MG strategy and SIOP’s vision
b.      Goal: Develop and implement execution plan
2.      Objective: Establish a baseline of I-O/SIOP’s current visibility
a.      Goal: Identify/Develop a set of metrics assessing I-O/SIOP’s visibility
b.      Goal: Establish a process for ongoing, periodic assessment
3.      Objective: Identify and understand our target audiences
a.       Goal: Revalidate/enhance existing segmentation strategy to ensure target audience needs are fully addressed, in order to deliver relevant messaging about I-O Psychology and SIOP
4.      Objective: Expand and deepen our network with relevant media channels & other relevant audiences
a.      Goal: Identify key players in relevant media channels execute programs to build relationships (e.g., Media luncheon)
b.      Goal: Identify and develop visibility channels in academia & public policy
5.      Objective: Conduct ongoing visibility efforts (placing a differential focus on psychology at large, human resources professionals and business leaders)
a.       Goal: Work with the AO to generate press releases, web content, etc. to push key messages to target audiences.
b.      Goal: Market the Fall Conference
c.       Goal: Conduct public webinar
6.      Objective: Define tools and processes to institutionalize visibility efforts
a.       Goal: Develop and maintain a repeatable committee process that focuses on target audiences, appropriate media channels, and key messages.
b.      Goal: Work with Marketing General to develop and institutionalize processes
c.       Goal: Finalize and monitor visibility metrics
Each of these committee goals relates to our overall mission which is to gain visibility with our target audiences through a variety of channels and tactics in order to help SIOP achieve its vision.

2008-2009 progress
Objective, Goal(s)
Current Progress
1 a, b
- Devising implementation strategy for key branding objectives (May, 2009):
  1. Define our brand intent and gain marketplace insights
  2. Build awareness/ alliances with key audiences
  3. Continue our press/PR strategy
  4. Implement website enhancements 2.0
  5. Incorporate any SIOP name change into brand strategy
- Scope the above priorities in terms of budget, resources, time required (April, 2009)
2 a, b
-Met with SHRM External Affairs Officer to discuss SHRM visibility metrics (Jan 2009)
- Developing pricing proposal for SIOP/I-O brand measurement and tracking (April 2009)
- Identifying procedures for quantifying and analyzing PR successes (April 2009)
- Generate proposal for short- & long-term measurement plan (June 2009)
3 a
- As part of our branding recommendation #1, proposing marketplace survey to understand the brand perceptions and needs of our target audiences (Fall 2009)
- As part of our branding recommendation #3, worked with Electronic Communications Committee and SIOP AO on website enhancements (SIOP Exchange, siop.org reorg) (Feb 2009)
4, a, b
-Support Drs. Latham & Tippins in SHRM alliance (Ongoing)
-Developed short list of non-HR firms (Vistage & Conference Board) to approach for I-O related articles and speaking engagements. Identifying contacts to approach (March, 2009)
-Worked with Professional Practices Committee to develop an Employee Engagement speech; working to develop an accompanying toolkit (resource list, etc.) (March, 2009)
 plan for approaching additional organizations (e.g., ASTD) (April 2009)
-Planning for media luncheon in NYC (May/June 2009)
-Continue to ensure media appearances reference I/O Psychology (e.g., we have had member appearances on CNN, Today Show, NPR as well as key business magazines and newspapers) (Ongoing)
-Planning next I-O Careers webinar (see below) for students (Sept/Oct 2009)
-Discussing potential for public service webinar to apply our knowledge of selection/interviewing, etc. to out-of-workers to help in job market
-Writing TIP article to update membership on VC activities (July, 2009)
5, a
-Updated Wikipedia pages on I-O Psychology, removing it from intensive care status (March, 2009)
-Continue working to enhance Wikipedia page (May, 2009)
-Conducting audit other relevant wiki sites (May, 2009)
5, b
-Working with LEC development team to help market 2009 event (Fall, 2009)
- Discussing the use of a free webinar as a way to garner interest and awareness
5, c
- Planning next I-O careers webinar targeting students, career changers, and out-of-workers (Fall, 2009)
6, a, b, c
-Working with California Psychological Association to develop & market a program targeted to C-Suite executives “Top Minds and Bottom Lines: How Executives Shape Organizational Culture to Boost ROI” to discuss the value of I-O to business. Gained EC support for SIOP co-sponsorship. (Event planned May 2009)
- Developed a siop.org “landing page” for conference participants – consolidating relevant information within siop.org (March, 2009)
-Develop templates from CPA conference and Student Webinar to replicate elsewhere (Completed April 2009)
- Coordinating with the Professional Practice Committee to develop a presentation and speaker notes to be delivered by I-O practitioners who volunteer their time to deliver the talk to community groups such as local Chambers of Commerce, SHRM chapters or ASTD chapters