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APS Committee Report

Deborah Rupp, Chair

1. Deidra Schleicher is confirmed as incoming APS chair

2. Maria Rotundo is confirmed as APS chair-in-training

3. We are deep in planning for the upcoming convention....

4. Confirmed for the I-O invited program for APS:

Experiencing Work
Howard M. Weiss, Purdue University

In Search of the Happy/Productive Worker: Investigations Into the Relationship Between Emotional Well-Being and Job Performance
Russell Cropanzano, University of Arizona

Experiencing, Expressing, and Responding to Feelings at Work: The Role of Emotions in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Daniel J. Beal (Chair), Rice University
Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Washington University in St. Louis
Joyce Bono, University of Minnesota
Gerben A. Van Kleef, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
John P. Trougakos, University of Toronto
The Psychological Science Behind Leadership
Deidra J. Schleicher (Chair), Purdue University
Bruce J. Avolio, University of Washington
David V. Day, University of Western Australia
Frederick P. Morgeson, Michigan State University

5. The APS submission deadline was Jan 21. We have received 65 poster submissions and 2 symposia submissions

6. IO, Social, and Developmental collaborated to create a theme track on emotions entitled "emotional ups and downs: experiencing, self-regulating, and capitalizing on affect". The invited program for this will include:

Fredda Blanchard-Fields
Georgia Institute of Technology
Emotion Regulation as We Grow Older: Gains and Costs
Stéphane Côté
University of Toronto
Emotion Regulation Abilities and Career Success
Alicia Grandey
Pennsylvania State University
Emotional Labor in the 21st Century: What Do We Know and Where Should We Go?
Ann Kring
University of California, Berkeley
When Emotions Go Awry: Unpacking the Time Course of Emotion Deficits in Psychopathology
Nalini Ambady
Tufts University
Affect and Interpersonal Perception
Jennifer Beer
University of Texas at Austin
Emotional Influences on the 'Default' Self

7. We have received about 175 poster submissions and a handful of symposia submissions for this track

8. Our deadline for reviewing is Feb 2. Decisions will go out to submitters mid February

9. Potential action item for EC meeting: APS is awesome! SIOPers should be more involved! I feel it should be written into the official documents that the APS chair should work with the TIP editor, newsletter, website, etc. to do much more coordinated marketing of various deadlines, conference announcements, etc. I should have done more of this, but since there wasn't a more formal protocol, it often fell off my plate. If there was something for the APS reps that aligned APS dates with TIP dates, that would help a lot. A tiny, ongoing, regular column in TIP for APS would be tremendous. I could work on putting something like this together for Deidra and Maria if the EC wants.

10. Misc item: Have Deidra and Maria been informed about the EC meeting?

11. The final submission count for the whole conference at the closing bell was 1980.

12. Applying their fancy attendance prediction algorithms has lead them to expect 3100 attendees this year (little less than last year but still quite high).

13. Paul Ekman is going to be on television tonight (on Fox, after American Idol) discussing how his research is being used in the show Lie To Me. There will be a follow-up panel at the conference about the use of psychological research in Hollywood: http://www.psychologicalscience.org/convention/program_detail.cfm?abstract_id=15583.