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CEMA Goals and Progress Report Form


Committee Chair Name: Derek R. Avery

Date: August 29, 2006

o  Goals Report 

o  Progress Report 


Committee Members: Damon Bryant, Patrick McKay, Bernardo Ferdman, Kecia Thomas, and Sylvia Hysong


Committee Goals

1) Continue (and possibly expand) the CEMA Sponsored Interactive Poster Session.

2) Determine the current racial and ethnic demographic profile of SIOP membership.

3) Assess the perceived inclusiveness of SIOP through quantitative and qualitative methods.

4) Continue the TIP column and expand collaborative authorship in the column among committee members.

5) Increase usage of CEMA listserve.

6) Heighten CEMA visibility within SIOP.


Progress Report

1) Have contacted the program chair about continuing the interactive poster session.

2) Will engage in discussions with SIOP membership committee chair about sources of membership demographic profile information at SIOP Champions meeting in September 2006.

3) Committee has engaged in preliminary discussions concerning data collection opportunities. Executive level discussions at SIOP Champions meeting will help in providing further direction for initiatives to accomplish this goal.

4) Am contacting committee members to encourage collaboration for future TIP columns.

5) Planning to send update on SIOP Champions meeting outcomes relevant to CEMA to listserve members. Also, will use listserve to promote calls for submission that may be of interest to CEMA members.

6) Our approach to meeting this goal is multi-pronged:

a.       Gain a better understanding of the intended structure of CEMA

b.      Increase the involvement of high profile racial and ethnic minorities within SIOP

c.       Present thought-provoking columns on current issues concerning diversity in TIP column

d.      Continue and publicize (informally) interactive poster session and conference reception