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Education and Training Committee Goals and Progress Report Form 


Committee Chair Name: Eric Heggestad

Date: Aug 31, 2006   


o  Goals Report 

X   Progress Report   


Committee Members:

Harold Goldstein 

Elise Amel 

Adrienne Bauer 

Alexandra Luong

Sylvia Roch

Jennifer Bott

Powaser Patrick R.

Alice Stuhlmacker

Gwen Fisher

Tim Huelsman

Geneva Phillips

Nora Reilly

Dan Sachau

Peter Bachiochi

Zinta Byrne

Todd Harris

Michael Horvath

Morrie Mullins

Wendi Everton

David Costanza

Jennifer Kisamore 

John  Hunthausen 

Rob Schmieder 

Bob Yonker

Guillermo Wated  


Strategic Planning Goals:    

  1. Organize a program directors meeting at the 2007 SIOP conference    


ü      Have coordinated with Tammy Allen (Program Chair), and session is being scheduled on the program for this 

ü      Relevant Strategic Goal – (3) being the organization of choice    

  1. Hold a successful Master’s student consortium at the 2007 SIOP conference     


ü      Dan Sachau has been named chair of the consortium. He will serve a two year appointment. We will select his replacement after this year and that person will work with Dan as a chair-in-training.  

ü      Dan is in the process of contacting speakers and putting the agenda together  

ü      Both Jeff and Lois have agreed to make welcome remarks  

ü      Relevant Strategic Goal – (3) being the organization of choice   

  1. Analyze the results of a survey distributed to SIOP members in Spring 2006 regarding undergraduate concentrations in I/O and publish the results of this in a TIP in the fall of 2006.   


ü      These results have been analyzed and a TIP article has been written. The article is scheduled to appear in the October issue.  

ü      This subcommittee has also submitted a proposal for a special session at the SIOP conference. Attendees at this session will work in a “workshop” to identify issues, challenges, and solutions to implementing and carrying out an undergraduate concentration in I/O  ü      Relevant Strategic Goals – (1) visible and trusted authority and (3) being the organization of choice  

  1. Have the I-O Ambassador's Program officially launched by the end of the Fall semester, 2006. "Officially launched" will be defined as having at least one person go out to a college or university to do a talk, in keeping with the purpose of the program.   


ü      Little progress has been made by this committee. Plans include:   

1.      Continuing to develop a network of possible ambassadors.  

2.      Developing a list of universities and colleges that would be interested in having an ambassador in to give a talk.   

ü      Relevant Strategic Goals – (1) visible and trusted authority   

  1. Increase the usability and use of the teaching aides wiki website.

Overall Action:   

ü      Progress toward this goal (the sub-goals listed below) has been hampered by technological difficulties, at least partly associated with the launch of the new SIOP website and with the changing of servers which houses SIOPs web capabilities. The Chair of this subcommittee (Mike Horvath) is working hard on the project now that some of those difficulties have been corrected.    

ü      Sub-goal 5.1: Increase the website’s content (i.e., syllabi, in-class activities, and out-of-class projects).


ü      Post material already gathered by the committee   

ü      Contact 10 instructors of I-O to personally ask them to donate materials to the website, assisting with the upload of the content   

ü      Promote the website in order to encourage instructors to donate materials on their own   

ü      Sub-goal 5.2: Increase instructors’ use of the website


ü      Create a link to the website from SIOP’s website

ü      Explore the feasibility of contacting as many I-O instructors as possible (e.g., by creating a mailing list of I-O instructors through the use of SIOP’s list of graduate programs or other lists of schools offering undergraduate I-O classes). If feasible, send these individuals a mass email introducing the website and inviting them to use it.

ü      If the above step is successful, implement a system of regularly updating this list and sending reminder emails around the times that instructors will be developing classes for the next semester

ü      Explore other ways to promote the website (e.g., through representation at teaching-oriented conferences)  

ü      Sub-goal 5.3: Improve the organization and usability of the website


ü      Periodically monitor contributions to the website in order to improve its look and organization

ü      Commission an independent usability consulting group to review the website and make suggestions for improvement. [Note: the student chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society at Clemson University is about to start a website usability consulting group under the direction of faculty supervisor Rich Pak. They have offered to donate their services to our cause as a sort of pilot project for their endeavor.]

ü       Implement the suggestions recommended by the usability consultants    

Together, goal 5 is related to two of SIOPs strategic goals  – (1) visible and trusted authority and (3) being the organization of choice    

  1. Complete the development of the High School Outreach workshops and advertise the program

ü      Sub-goal 1: Develop PR materials (pamphlet/webpage/newsletter) to dovetail with our High School 7-day unit plan.

ü      Sub-goal 2:  Dissemination through conferences (one for 2007, advanced prep for 2008).


  ü      Ongoing actions include:

1.      Create a poster for TOPSS

2.      Develop information that can be linked to the TOPSS website

3.      Identify conferences where the work can be promoted.

ü      Relevant Strategic Goals – (1) visible and trusted authority