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Historian Committee Goals and Progress Report Form


Committee Chair Name    Michael J. Zickar

Date                                  9/5/2006

x Goals Report
o Progress Report 

Strategic Planning Goals: (Please highlight committee goals related to the advocacy of SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals)
  1. Continue the oral history project. 
Action: Collect oral histories from living legends in I-O psychology. Promote the project throughout SIOP. This project fails outside of the four strategic goals, though it helps remind each of us of the importance of the field and to help preserve the history for future researchers.
Progress:        We have collected a oral history of Mary Tenopyr, am collecting ones with Pat Smith, as well as several other groups that are collecting them.
  1. Continue to promote archiving the preservation of SIOP’s record.
Action:  Continue to strengthen the relationship between the Archives of Psychology at the University of Akron, which preserves SIOP’s history. Again this doesn’t fit nicely within the 4 strategic goals though it does help promote awareness of our society’s work for future generations.
Progress:   We have succeeded in getting a donation from the Society to the Archives. I have promoted historical research and preservation through a TIP column.
Updates or Comments From Chair:
We need more enthusiasm for the Oral History project.  A oral history is being conducted by Heather Prather on Dr. Lorraine Eyde who has been at OPM since 1959.  Students at North Carolina State are pursuing oral histories there.  
My TIP columns have succeeded in generating interest and enthusiasm for preserving the historical record.  I would like to push for more preservation of materials from practitioners.